Spring Roses Tutorial

Yesterday I posted my Spring Roses manicure and I said I could do a little tutorial of the mani if you wanted, so here it comes. So here's how the finishes mani looked like:

And here's what you'll need for this:
  • Base coat (mine is Mereneid Base Coat-Ridgefiller Rose that I got from the goodie bag from our meeting)
  • Base color for your desing (I used OPI Mermaid's Tears)
  • Top coat (mine is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri)
  • Red, white and green acrylic paints (I've bought mine from ebay and they are from a brand called Oumaxi)
  • Three different sizes of dotting tools OR something similar like toothpicks, pins or so (my dotting tools are some cheep ones from ebay)
  • Nail art brush (mine is also some cheep one from ebay, it isn't probably the best one for this, so feel free to use any kind of brush you feel works best)
Here's a close-up of those dotting tools that I used. So I used a big one, medium one and that really thin one.

Step 1:
Paint your nails with the base coat.

Step 2:
Apply 2-3 coats of your base color until it's smooth and opaque. Let it dry (you can use a quick drying top coat here)

Step 3:
Take your red and white acrylic paint and do some dots (or blobs) of paint like in the picture. You need to have enough paint so you can easily swirl it around. I used the bigger dotting tool for the white and the bit smaller one for the red, because it helps to have a little bit more white paint than the red, because otherwise the red easily starts to dominate the game here..

Step 4:
Swirl the paint around with circular motion with the smallest dotting tool (or toothpick) starting in the middle and working your way from there.

So then you end up with a rose looking somewhat like this:
It doesn't really matter if it's not perfect, because they all are going to be somewhat different and in the end when you have several of these on your nails, they are going to look just fine.

Step 5:
Repeat the Step 4 to get as many roses to your nails as you want.
Step 6: 
Take your nail art brush and white and green acrylic paint and do some leaves.
I used just a little bit of white on the other side of the brush, something like this:

You can place the leaves as you want and do as many as you want, I did two per rose here:

Step 7:
Allow your desing to dry completely and after that apply a top coat. If you apply the top coat too soon, you might smudge the desing, so be careful.

I hope you liked the tutorial and that this was helpful! Like I said in my post of these nails, I used this Youtube tutorial as an inspiration for these nails, so the design isn't really my own, but I did some this a bit differently, so I still wanted to do a tutorial for you guys. Feel free to ask anything if something is unclear to you.

As you can see, this look is really easy to do, so if you aren't that experienced in nail art (like me), you can still easily do this!