My Stash: Gosh, Essence, Catrice, Golden Rose, Sally Hansen and more

Here comes the last post of my stash post series and I have the fourth drawer of my Helmer to show you. Remember to check the previous posts too, if you haven't already, you can find the first part here where I have also some general info about my stash, and the the second part here and third here.

So in the fourth drawer I have several different brands as it is pretty much the drawer that use for the polishes that I only own one or two or so. Also, I have some brands here too that I own more, but they don't really fit to the previous drawers. 

But here's how the drawer looks like:
Like you can see this one is also pretty full like all the rest of the drawers I've shown you.. But the again, if I can empty the last drawer where I keep all my untrieds (remeber that I moved all the untrieds to the drawers they would belong, so technically it was empty when I took the pics of the other drawers) then I could move some polishes around. Anyhow, like I said this is quite a mixed drawer, though there are some brands here too with several polishes, for example Essence, Gosh, Golden Rose, Lumene and so on. Also the swap with Akuma Kanji filled this dreawer quite a bit...

But let's take a closer look to all the polishes, right?!
So first off, there's the two P2 polishes that I own, Stormy and Gracious. Then I have only one Miss Selene and it's number 236, two H&M polishes Confetti Time and Pink Bling Bling, and then one Maybelline Express Finish polish called Denim Dash.
I'm not the biggest fan of the Models Own polishes, so I have only three (I've had more but they weren't that special..). These are Ibiza Mix, Sterling Silver and Purple Blue. Then I have one beauty uk polish and it's called Metallic Lilac and then two e.l.f. polishes that are Golden Goddess and Black.
I only have one Borghese polish, Raspberry Sorbetto. I also have only two Wet n Wild polishes, they are Kaleidoscope (one of my favourite glitter toppers) and Sunny Side Up. The two Mavala polishes I got from our previous meeting and they are Roma and Honolulu.

Then these are all different brands and I only own one polish from each brand. These are: Benecos Dream On (gotten from the meeting), BK Emerald Green Silver Shimmer (gotten from BPS), Eyeko Cosmic Polish, Celia Woman Nr 2 (gotten from, Donegal Beauty Shine (doesn't have number or name on it, also gotten from, We Care Icon Macig Asteroid (gotten from the meeting) and Kicks Fab Jean.

Next off are all my GOSH polishes: Powder, Milky Way, Vanilla Ice, Rainbow, Holographic, Gasoline and Purple Heart.
Then I have three Jesse's Girl polishes: Confetti, Spring Break and Glee, one Maybelline Colorama called Worn In and one Barielle polish called A Bouquet For Ava.
I also the three Teeez! holographic polishes thanks to the awesome Reile from the Netherlands. They are: Cool, Outta Control and Smooth. The two Catrice polishes are Gold Leaf Top Coat and Dirty Berry (gotten from my first swap with the lovely Ritterbraten).
I also have few Essence polishes, first off the older bottle versions: Wake Up!, Time For Romance, Blue Addicted, Out of My Mind (also gotten from the swap with Ritterbraten), Break Trough and Fateful Desire.

Then the newer bottle versions of Essence polishes: Oh My Glitter!, That's What I Mint!, Ballerina's Charm, Let's Get Lost, Grey-t To Be Here, Hello Marshmallow! (gotten from the swap with Akuma Kanji) and Miss Universe. 

The first three polishes here are somewhat special for me, because they are Berlin themed (and I loooooove Berlin!) and I only got them thanks to two awesome ladies (Reile and Ritterbraten)! The first one is Catrice polish called Berlin and the two Essence polishes are from the I Love Berlin LE collection and they are called Berlin Story and Love This City. Then I have also one of those Essence nail art special effect toppers, this one is called Mrs and Mr Glitter, and then I have two Gina Tricot polishes called Monaco Blue and Sparkling Hot.

Next off are all my Golden Rose Jolly Jewels polishes, these are numbers: 111, 113, 117, 118, 119, 121 and 123.
I also have two Golden Rose Matte Velvet polishes, numbers 107 and 101 and two Golden Rose Paris polishes, numbers 69 and 322. I only have two Flormar polishes, these are the duochrome ones numbers DC05 and DC06.
Then in the next two pics are some of those awesome polishes that Akuma Kanji sent me from Portugal, these are Andreia Pocket numbers 101, 106 and 108, Andreia Higicol numbers 37 and 70, Risque Cintilante Agreste and Yes Love polish from the caviar manicure set.
The polishes gotten from the swap continue: Inocos Amarelinho and Maria Menina, Leticia Well #426, Cliché Hippie and Maldivas, Carlos Santos #623 and DERMExcellence #32.
Then I have one Manhattan polish number 66G, three Kleancolor polishes: Chunky Holo Poppy, Chunky Holo Purple and Holo Chrome, and one Sinful Colors polish called Daddy's Girl.

The first two Mereneid brand polishes are also gotten from the meeting, but they don't seem to have any clear numbers or names on them. Then I have two Eveline polishes, the first one is number 412 and the second miniMAX one is number 411, then the last two are from a brand called DMGM, I bought these from Dubai and they are scattered holographic polishes called Grape Light and Cherry Light.
Then here's all my Sally Hansen polishes, first one is from the HD series and it's called DVD, then I have the three Lustre Shine polishes that I got from our meeting and they are called Lava, Plume and Scarab.
And then finally here are all my polishes from the Finnish brand called Lumene and these are Moment of Miracle, Queen of the Night, Beyond the Dark, I'm Losing You, With the Flow and Magical Moment.

Phew, now I've show you my whole stash! I though this was quite fun to go through the whole stash, I hope you've liked these posts too!

Tell me, which ones from this posts were your favourites? Anything you'd like to own or anything you own already?


  1. you have lots of beautiful nail polish :)
    I really catrice and essence :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like them! :) Catrice and Essence are really nice brands, I wish they were more easily available here..

  2. Awesome stash! Glad I could be of help with the Teeez polishes. Mine are still untried... :-0 :)

    1. Thank you! :) And it's so nice to hear from you again, I can't really thank you enough for getting me those Teeez polishes as I would have never gotten them if you hadn't helped me. :) Oh man, you should really try them, they are so nice! :)