Giveaway poll results: your favourite Polish This! manicures

It was mandatory to name one (or more) favourite manicures that I've made in order to participate in my giveaway. Now that the giveaway is over I thought it would be fun to list some of the manicures that got most of the votes. The votes did split quite a much but there were few manis that got the majority of the votes. Also, several people said that it was hard to choose just one or they only named a technique or style that they liked the most. So in general my water marbling manis and my gradient manis were the ones you liked the most. Also quite a few said that all the glitter manis have been the best ones. All this is great news of course because those three are pretty much my favourite styles of decorating nails!

But let's see those favourite manicure's, right?!
It was really a tense competition with this green gradient and the next one and in the end (if I counted right) they ended up getting the same amount of votes! So this and the Birthday water marble are officially your favourites.

There's probably no need to say that these are both my favourites too... This water marble is of course a bit special as I did it for my birthday.

After the top two, this mani with Kiko Sugar Mat Mint and OPI GoldenEye got also quite a few votes.

After these also few other manis seemed to get quite many votes, so here are all the runner-ups:


  1. All these manis are amazing! And the water marbling, oh my! I would never be able to master that the way you do :D

    1. Thank you so much! You just need some practice with water marbling and I'm sure you can do just fine! :)

  2. all manicures are gorgeous!

  3. I like the Independence Day nails!