Zoya Godiva

I have another Zoya PixieDust polish to show you guys, this time it's the gorgeous nude one called Godiva*!

I used two coats here with base coat but no top coat. I could have probably needed third coat to some of my nails, but those PixieDust polishes that I've tried already (Nyx and Vespa) took quite a while to dry, so I thought I would save some time by doing only two coats. And it wasn't really a big deal that the polish wasn't entirely opaque in all the nails as it is nude, so it doesn't really show in real life.

I really wanted to have this polish for quite a while as I love the texture polishes and I thought this one would be quite a fun one as the color is so muted, but it still has some edge with that texture look and with the tiny silver glitters.
I'm not entirely sure if the color is completely right for me, it's probably a bit too yellow for my skin tone, but I still liked this polish very much! I always love those neutral polishes with something extra! This is the kind of polish that you could even wear to work because of the color and still you can have something more than just some plain and boring nude! (Of course those can be pretty too, but you get what I mean, right?!)
This applied really nicely, but like the other ones, this too takes quite a while to dry, so you need to be a little bit careful with that.

Mereneid Base Coat - Ridgefiller Rose**
Zoya Godiva 2 coats*

*Zoya Godiv was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.
**I got Mereneid Base coat from goodie bag from our meeting.

Cadillacquer Remember Me (with L'Oreal Matte Top Coat)

I posted about my little haul just recently where I bought my first Cadillacquer polish from Harlow & Co. I was really eager to try out this indie brand, so of course I had to test the polish as soon as I had it.

So this is Remember Me and I have three coats here with base and top coat. Some glitter indie polishes like this can be sometimes a bit thick and hard to apply, but the formula of this one was really nice. The glitters came out from the bottle very easily, even the bigger circular ones, and the polish spread out easily, so I didn't have any problems applying this. I used three coats just in case, but I think you can get away with only two coats.
I've been so in love with all mint polishes this spring and this is definately no exception! I love the combination of the light mint color and the fuchsia glitters, of course with the addition of the smaller silver glitter and the blue shimmer. Also, I really love the new circle glitter trend in all different indie polishes, and with this they work really well.
So yeah, I was very happy with my first Cadillacquer polish and I will probably get more of these at some point, because they have so many great polishes. I also love the fact that this is an indie brand from Europe, so it's more easily available to us European bloggers too.

I always love how these kind of glitter polishes look matte, so after wearing the polish alone for couple of days I decided to add L'Oreal Matte Top Coat to it to get a bit different look:
It looks so good as matte too, right?! This was also the first time that I tried that L'Oreal Matte Top Coat and I have to say that I really liked the finish it does. It gives the polish very matte look and it dried really fast. The only complaint that I have is the fact that the bottle is so tiny! I always like to try out different polishes with matte top coat and from this bottle you can't really do that too many times, or it'll run out really fast.

Mereneid Base Coat - Ridgefiller Rose*
Cadillacquer Remember Me 3 coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
L'Oreal Matte Top Coat**

*I got Mereneid Base coat from goodie bag from our meeting.
**L'Oreal Matte Top Coat was sent for me to review, other products used in this post were bought by me. For more information see my disclosure policy.

China Glaze Infra-Red

I have just a really quick post with China Glaze Infra-Red for you guys today.

This is two coats of Infra-Red with base and top coat. I really like the color but this was a bit difficult to work with. I unfortunately don't have any aqua base coats that could have helped, so I had to use some time and effort to get it look somewhat decent.

Also, I've been pretty much working whole day everyday at the university with my thesis, so it's sometimes quite hard to take the nail pictures as the sun has already gone after I'm home. I managed to get the last bit of sun for these pics, but they are not as good as they good have been. 
Like I said, I do like the color, but somehow this wasn't anything too special to me. There has been quite many holo polishes out there recently, so I guess now I kinda need it to be pretty much perfect for me to love it. But it's nice polish anyhow and it has quite a strong color too.

Orly Bonder
China Glaze Infra-Red 2 coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Small Haul Post

I've been trying not to buy too many polishes recently, because I have sooo many untried polishes in my drawer already. So that's why there hasn't been any haul posts lately. Actually, I have only two polishes to show you that I bought myself and then the four other that I'm showing here were sent for me to review. I'm still waiting to get four Zoya summer PixieDust polishes that I ordered a while ago and they still haven't come. I was kinda hoping to include them to this post too, but it might still be a while until they arrive, so I decided to do this small haul post already, so that I can later show you some manis that I've already done with these polishes, it wouldn't make much sense to show the manis first and then the hauls later, right?!

So first of here's the four polishes that I got from L'Oreal Finland:
They sent me these four Top Coat polishes to try, from left to right these are: Diamond Lurex, Gold Lurex, Matte and Confettis. Confettis was so popular at least here in Finland couple months ago that it was sold out from every store, but now all these are back in stores. I already had bought one Confettis and I've shown it here in my blog too, but I'm really glad to have another one as the bottle is quite small, so I now I feel like I can use it and I don't have to worry about it running out. It's a really nice topper polish and I just love the effect you can get with it. I can't wait to try out these other ones too!

I took some close-ups too (not from the matte top coat, because there's not much to see..) Just click the pictures to see them bigger if you need to.

I also organized a little group order to Harlow & Co. (so we could all get the free shipping). I only did the order because wanted to have KBShimmer Lottie Dottie, but I also decided to give a try to new-to-me indie brand called Cadillacquer, so I ordered one polish called Remember Me. 
I've been really loving the round glitter trend in indie polishes lately and both of these have some round glitters in them. If you aren't familiar with the Cadillacquer brand already, it's an indie brand from Europe, from Switzerland to be exact. Most of the indie brands come from US so it's really great to see some Europe ones too, at least from my point of view as an European nail polish blogger. They have some really nice polishes and it was hard to choose just one, but after seeing some swatches I decided to go with Remember Me and it looks really nice, at least in the bottle.

Did I buy or get anything you'd like to have or anything you already have? I really can't wait to try these all, hope you like them too!

White & Blue (Again)

Of course I had to make white and blue nails to cheer the Finnish ic hockey team at the world championships. Unfortunately my nails didn't do the trick and we ended up at the fourth place (though that was pretty good too of course). I've been in a hurry lately with everything because I'm trying to finish my master's thesis before summer is fully here, so I didn't have too much time to do these nails either, but this is what I came up with:

I used China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around as my white base (over another white as it's quite sheer) and then I did a glitter gradient to my middle finger nail with Shimmer Polish Maria and I also added some blue striping tape to my ring finger nail. So it's a really simple mani, but I think it does what it was supposed to do (eventhough Finland didn't get a medal).

If I'd had time I would have made some nails to cheer the Swiss to win the gold medal, but unfortunately I didn't have time to do that. Let's hope they win anyway! 

Mereneid Ridgefilling Base Coat
China Glaze White Out 2 coats
China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around 2 coats
Shimmer Polish Maria (gradient)
blue striping tape
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Framed nails with Essence That's What I Mint! and BPS Hex Glitters

I have another Born Pretty Store product review for you guys today. This time I chose this set of 12 different colors of hex glitters to try and as soon as they arrived I wanted to do a framed manicure. I've done one before using Milani Gold polish, but that was a bit tricky, so now that I had these glitters I thought it would be at least a bit more easy to do.

I wanted to only use same colored hex glitters for this framed nails looks and I chose the turquoise colored hexes. I've been loving all mint polishes this spring, so Essence That's What I Mint! was a safe choice as the base color. I also used Color Club Starry Temptress top coat to give some additional sparkle for my ring and pinky finger nails.
I used quite a few hexes for the mani, but the can looks still completely full, so these 12 cans will last quite a while. This mani also took a while to do and also some patience, but the end result is something that I really like!

Like I said, there's 12 different colors of glitters in this set and they all come in separate cans. 

These seem to be nice quality, as the colors (at least of the one that I used) didn't bleed at all even though I used a quick drying top coat with these. And you can do so many different nail art design with these!

The framed nails look that I did wasn't he most long lasting ones as there was some single glitters coming off after just one day, but it's quite easy to fix. Also I used only one coat of top coat over the glitters, so maybe with two coats they might have stayed better.

Don't forget that you can get 10% off everything from Born Pretty Store with my code:

*Some of the products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

Shimmer Polish Jasmine, Leslie and Sarah

I have the last three of the Shimmer Polish lacquers to show you today! I think I might have almost saved the best for last or at least two of these are certainly my favourites. I have (again) quite a few pics of these to show you as I just couldn't choose only one or two...

So the first one is Jasmine and I have (again) three coats here with top coat. This is certainly one of my favourites, it's just so interesting and gorgeous color! It is described as aquamarine mix of blue and green and I just love it so much!

The next one is called Leslie and this is again three coats with top coat. This one is described as periwinkle & lavender. This is also soooo pretty, but I think I'd like this one more over some other color. Nevetheless, the combination if all the glitters is yet again so amazing!

If I'd be forced to choose just one favourite of all these ten Shimmer Polish lacquers it might just be this one (or maybe Mary) as this is just a perfect one! This is called Sarah and I have three coats here with base and top coat. This is described as tropical green & blue which is quite accurate if you ask me. Unfortunately my camera didn't want to show those purple/magenta glitters that are part of this gorgeous mix. If you haven't tried these Shimme Polish lacquers yet and are thinking about getting some, I think this is one you should definately get!

So now I've shown you all ten Shimmer Polish lacquers that I have. You can find the previous posts here, here, here and here. But I will certainly use these awesome glitter bombs for layering manis later, so you haven't seen the last of them. I did use Sarah already for a glitter gradient, here. I really love them all and they suit perfectly for layering, glitter sandwiches or some glitter gradients too.

You can buy Shimmer Polish lacquers here or from Etsy here and they sell for $12 each.

*The products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy

Giveaway poll results: your favourite Polish This! manicures

It was mandatory to name one (or more) favourite manicures that I've made in order to participate in my giveaway. Now that the giveaway is over I thought it would be fun to list some of the manicures that got most of the votes. The votes did split quite a much but there were few manis that got the majority of the votes. Also, several people said that it was hard to choose just one or they only named a technique or style that they liked the most. So in general my water marbling manis and my gradient manis were the ones you liked the most. Also quite a few said that all the glitter manis have been the best ones. All this is great news of course because those three are pretty much my favourite styles of decorating nails!

But let's see those favourite manicure's, right?!
It was really a tense competition with this green gradient and the next one and in the end (if I counted right) they ended up getting the same amount of votes! So this and the Birthday water marble are officially your favourites.

There's probably no need to say that these are both my favourites too... This water marble is of course a bit special as I did it for my birthday.

After the top two, this mani with Kiko Sugar Mat Mint and OPI GoldenEye got also quite a few votes.

After these also few other manis seemed to get quite many votes, so here are all the runner-ups:

Giveaway winner is...

First, I want to thank you all who entered. I had lot's of entries and also so many  lovely comments, so many thanks for those! It was also very interesting to see what were your favourite manicures from all those that I've done! I was thinking I'd do a little post about those that got the most votes, if you are interested?

But you all probably just wanna know who the winner is.. Well, once again I used random.org to choose the winner and the lucky one is:
So big congrats to Xalla and I will email you shortly! Please try to answer as soon as possible. :)
Thanks again for everyone who participated!

a-england Order of the Garter

I have a really amazing blue polish to show you guys today!

I got this a-england Order of the Garter* to try from Adenina (the links are not affiliated links, they are just here to for your convenience) and I used it as a base color for this mani. I know I've said before that I'm not that into blue polishes, but lately I've been really loving some blue (and green) lacquers and this on is no exception! It is just soooo gorgeous blue!
For this mani I used two coats of Order of the Garter and then I did a glitter gradient to the base of the nails with Shimmer Polish Sarah* and over that I placed some water decals that are also from Adenina, but I got them with one of my previous orders.

I really liked how this mani looks, Order of the Garter is so amazing and it worked really great as a base color for the mani. Also Sarah and the water decals were a really nice combination with Order of the Garter.

I of course had to take some pics of Order of the Garter alone as it is such a beautiful polish. As I said, I used two coat here, but maybe third one wouldn't hurt if you are only going to wear the polish alone. I knew I was going to decorate the mani somehow, so I thought two coats were enough. The formula of this was really nice, as with all the a-england polishes that I have. I have already quite a few of a-england polishes and I have to say that it's for sure one of my favourite brands out there! The quality is always great with these polishes and I also really like the colors too, quite a few of a-england polishes are my all time favourite ones. So if you're not familiar with the brand or haven't tried these out yet, you really should! 

Actually, now, with the addition of this Order of the Garter to my stash, I have all but one of the polishes of a-england The Legend collection. The only one that I don't already have is Bridal Veil and it's certainly on the top of my wishlist, so I think I need to get that one pretty soon too. I also have couple polishes from The Mythicals collection that I would also like to have, so I might need to make an order to Adenina at some point...

Funny thing, you want to hear what Order of the Garter is in Finnish?! At least according to Wikipedia, it's Sukkanauharitarikunta. That's a mouthful right?! It would be quite funny to hear someone who doesn't speak Finnish saying that...

I also wanted to show you a pic with Order of the Garter and the gradient with Sarah alone, because that was quite a pretty look too!

*The polishes in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.

On an unrelated note, I'm having some serious computer problems and I'm actually writing this post with a really old laptop, because the newer one that I usually use decided not to work anymore.. I can't get it even to start and of course I had several edited nail pictures and such there, that are now pretty much gone... I'm usually quite good at doing back ups of all the files, but somehow I haven't done them from my nail pictures. They keep coming and going so fast, so I've felt like it wasn't necessary, but I still should have done them, because now I lost quite many pictures of some really nice manis.. Oh well, I'm still hoping for some miracle to happen, so that the laptop would work, but I think that's not gonna happen. I just hope that the pictures here aren't too bad, because the screen of this old one isn't the greatest so it's hard to see if the colors are right and all, but for a while at least I will probably have to just try to work with this old one.