Zoya Blu & Neely (and a total fail with stickers)

Today I have two really pretty spring shades from Zoya to show you guys! Also I have a total fail manicure with them and some nail art stickers, but I'm gonna save that to the end of this post... I wanted to do a manicure with Zoya Blu or Neely, but I just couldn't decide which one of those two to choose, so I decided to use them both:

So I have Blu* on my pinky and middle finger nails (and thumb) and Neely* on my ring and index finger nails. These are both perfect spring colors and they went really well together too. Also they were quite nice quality for a light cremes like this, I only used two coats of each and they applied very easily. Neely is really pretty light green creme, but I really fell in love with Blu as it is the perfect (very) light blue creme!

So at this point the mani was looking good and I originally thought I would add some glitter topper over it and oh boy, I really should have done that! For example L'Oreal Confettis would have looked so nice over these two and it would have been the perfect spring manicure. But no, I decided to use some nail stickers... I thought it would be a great idea since it's been a long time since I've used any stickers, but rest assure that after this I will get rid of all my stickers once and for all and only use water decals in the future!
The stickers are placed a bit weirdly as I was going to continue the mani with some dotting tool or glitter or something, but I wasn't really feeling like doing anything after this happened with the stickers. The mani was completely dry before I placed the stickers and I used a regular top coat over them (not a quick dryer as I know it can cause problems with stickers) and I still ended up with this. It really looked like as the stickers had sunk into the polish and the edges of the stickers looked really disgusting. Also of course on top of all the stickers didn't really stick and the edges kept coming of. And these aren't even some cheap ass ebay stickers, these should be pretty decent. It was just a bit of a bummer that the stickers (or I) ruined the perfectly good mani... Oh well, I prefer water decals anyhow, so for now on I'll be just using them. 

*The two Zoya polishes in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Auts! Minä hylkäsin tarrat ajat sitten samasta syystä - aina ne jäivät jotenkin törröttämään ja näyttivät omituisilta. Siirtokuvat eivät petä koskaan. Tai ainakaan melkein koskaan. ♥ -Papu-

    1. Jep, tästä edespäin en kyllä katokkaan tarrojen suuntaan!