Shimmer Polish Candace, Irene and Lucie

I haven't had a chance to show you any more of those gorgeous Shimmer Polish lacquers for a while as I've been so busy with the meeting and everything around it, but I thought I would make up for that and show you three of those pretties in this same post. So here we go!

Like I've said before, these all will look really awesome layered over different colors, but I wanted to wear them alone first. All these Shimmer Polish lacquers build up very nicely and with three coats you can get a good coverage.

First off is this gorgeous Gold & Black glitter called Candace*. I've always loved the combination of black and gold, it look really festive to me, so I like this one very much. The holographic glitter in it makes it even more perfect!
There isn't too many glitter polishes out there with this color combination, so I think it makes this polish even more special. Also all these Shimmer Polish lacquers seem to always have the perfect amount and mix of glitters. They are so easy to apply and with three coats you get nice coverage.

I have three coats of Candace here with base and top coat. For a smooth surface, you'll probably need two coats of top coat, but these are not too terrible top coat eaters.

This next one is called Irene* and it's descriped as champagne golden silver. This a bit different from the other Shimmer Polish lacquers that I have, as it has only tiny microglitter in it, but it's nevertheless very pretty and has a gorgeous shine in it!

The glitters shine in so many different colors, you just can't help but stare your nails all the time. This was pretty good with only two coats, but I did three just in case (with base and top coat).

The last one is this (again) gorgeous silver and red glitter called Lucie*. I think this is again one of those combinations, that you don't find so much out there, infact I don't have anything even nearly like this in my stash.
I really liked this one too, it kinda looks like you have somekind of armor on your nails when you are wearing this. I also like the fact that it has more silver glitters in it than the red ones, it makes the polish more interesting. I have here again three coats with base and top coat.

So which one of these was your favourite?

You can buy Shimmer Polish lacquers here and they sell for $12 each.

*The products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Irene näyttää kovasti CGn I'm Not Lionilta, ainakin kuvissa :)

    1. Ajattelin ihan samaa ja itse asiassa tein jo vertailunkin niistä, se on tulossa myöhemmin. :)

  2. These are gorgeous colours. Love them.