Recent hauls: Kiko, China Glaze, Deborah Lippmann, OPI and more

I have another haul post for you guys today! Some of these polishes you have already seen in my recent stash posts, but I still included them here too. So let's get started!

So first off, three China Glaze OMG collection polishes called 2NITE, LOL and IDK. The Finnish online store Adenina got some of these OMG collection polishes to sale recently so of course I had to buy those that I didn't already have (and for a very reasonable price too!), so the first two are from there. Unfortunately, I had just bought IDK from a private seller before I knew that Adenina would be also selling these, and of course I paid more for it. Oh well, at least I have three new OMG collection polishes! (And I'm sorry to tell you guys that Adenina has only 2Nite left from the OMG collection and also I think they only ship to Finland)

The last China Glaze polish here is Hyper Haute from Tronica collection and it's bought from Adenina too. The lonely OPI is Stranger Tides from the Pirates collection and I bought it from sale from a local store. Actually, I've bought quite many of these pirate polishes lately, I originally thought I wouldn't buy any polishes from that collection, but now I have almost all of them. I'm not that big of a fan of creme polishes, but these are really pretty and they make perfect base colors for different glitters and such.
I already told you that the lovely Akuma Kanji sent me two more of those Kiko Sugar Mat polishes and here they are. These are Spring Green (643) and Golden Mandarin (639). China Glaze and Zoya are bought from a Finnish Facebook group (from different sellers) and they are Techno Teal (from Tronica collection) and Reagan.

The two OPI DS polishes are from Head2Toe Beauty (they have a clearance sale of some OPI polishes for very reasonable price) and these two are DS Passion and DS Treasure. My first Emily de Molly polish is from Norway Nails and this is called Harmony. I also added third Deborah Lippmann polish to my stash, this one is called Rockin' Robin and it's from the this spring's collection called Staccato. (This one was bought from a Finnish online store Love It!)

These are all from Head2Toe Beauty and they came in that same order I made of course. The one lonely Misa is called Fountain of Youth and the (old) OPIs are Windy City Pretty, Dingeridoo You Nails?, 18K Ginza Gold and Sweet As Annie-Thing!
The first two here are my first Gina Tricot polishes and they are called Monaco Blue and Sparkling Hot. I bought them as well as that China Glaze Stellar from the same Finnish Facebook group. Then the last two Essence polishes I got from a tiny swap with a Finnish girl and they are Let's Get Lost and Wake Up!

All the links to the stores in this post are only to help you find them, I don't gain anything if you use them.


  1. Wake Up! on ihanan värinen :3
    Ostin itsekin tuon Rockin´ Robinin, miulle tulee tosin siitä koko ajan mieleen meidän oma Robin :D

    1. Mulle ei onneks oo siitä tullu vielä toi Robin mieleen, tosin en nyt sit jatkossa tiiä kun menit sanomaan. :D

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad to hear you like my choices! :)

  3. Mistä kaupasta löysit Stranger Tidesin? Sokokselta? :) Olen tässä kanssa vähän siitä haaveillut :>

    1. Sokokselta juu, mut siitä on jo ainakin pari viikkoa aikaa.. Ja tais olla viiminen sillon siellä alelaarissa. Olin jo aiemmin sen alessa siellä nähny mut sillon ostin vaan Mermaid's Tearsin, mut nyt kun se siellä yksinään nökötti, niin pitihän se vielä ottaa mukaan. :)