Recent hauls and more: Essie, Zoya, KBShimmer, Essence, Golden Rose and Perfect

I have so much to post about and so many new things to show you guys that you're getting two posts (again) today. I have little something coming up about the meeting we had later today, but first I wanted to show you some of my recent hauls and some polishes that have been sent to me. 

First off, I got the whole Essie Spring Collection 2013 from L'Oreal Finland, and how cute is the box?!?

It's probably a bit silly, but I love all cute packages like this one! It's just so damn cute!

The colors are really cute too, probably not the most innovative or unique ones, but very suitable for spring and very pretty!
From left to right: Madison Ave-hue, Avenue Maintain, Go Ginza, Maximillian Strasse Her, Bond With Whomever and Hip-Anema.

I also got this six Zoya polishes to try from the Finnish Zoya importer NailCity. The upper three are from Pixie Dust collection and the other three are from Lovely collection.
These are the Pixie Dust collection polishes, from left to right: Vespa, Nyx and Godiva.

And these are from the Lovely collection (from left to right): Julie, Blu and Neely.
These I've ordered from Beauty Cosmetic (from left to right): Ballerina's Charm, Oh My Glitter!, Grey-t To Be Here, That's What I Mint! and Miss Universe.

I had to take some close-ups from some of these as they looked so pretty in the bottles! 
 Oh My Glitter!

 Grey-t To Be Here

 Miss Universe

These are also from the same online store and they are some of the new additions to Golden Rose Jolly Jewels series, from left to right these are numbers 118, 119, 121 and 123.

I got the first two KBShimmer polishes in a group order from Harlow & Co. and they are I Got A Crush On Blue and Iris My Case. Essie Leading Lady I bought from a blogsale and the last two Zoyas, Yara and Suri, I bought from two girls from our meeting.
I also had to include close-ups from those KBShimmer polishes! I Got A Crush On Blue is on left and Iris My Case on right:

I had also another order from Beauty Cosmetics, because I wanted have more of those glitters from the brand called Perfect. There was a little mix-up with my order and I got that nail polish thinner instead of a cuticle remover that I tried to order, but they fixed the situation and also sent me two extra polishes (the Eveline polish and the purple Perfect polish on right). So the polishes are Perfect number S37, S34, S36, K33 and Eveline miniMAX number 411. 

*Some of the products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Ihania tuotteita oot saanut ja ostellut

  2. Voi että, vähänkö olen kade! Varsinkin nuo essiet ja pixiet..Ihania! :)

  3. I want the Miss Universe toooooooo!!! :)

  4. Great haul. I love almost everything you got.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like them! :)

  5. wow, the Essie box looks so cute! plus, the shades of Zoya are gorgeous!

    1. The box is sooo cute and I agree, the Zoyas are really gorgeous! :)