Pretty Serious Mummy Mush with a-england She Walks In Beauty

Today I have one of those two gorgeous Pretty Serious polishes, that I got from the meeting, to show you!

So this is Mummy Mush and I have three coats here with base and top coat. This looks like it could be one of those very sheer polishes when you see it in the bottle, but it was actually quite good with just two coats. I did three coats just in case, but it really builds up nicely. I think Mummy Mush is really interesting polish and really pretty too, quite unique to my stash!

It has a gorgeous pink base, that turns into gold and it also seems to have almost like somekind of green flash, but my camera didn't do very good job capturing it. Anyhow, it is really gorgeous! The base color and the green flash made me think one another gorgeous polish that I have, a-england She Walks In Beauty, so I decided to combine those two!

So here I have two coats of She Walks In Beauty over Mummy Mush in my index and middle fingers nails and then Mummy Mush alone in ring finger and pinky nails. To me She Walks In Beauty seems to have almost the same base color than the color of Mummy Mush, but of course the glitter makes SWIB different. Both are really gorgeous though!

Dermosil Smoothing Nail Foundation
Pretty Serious Mummy Mush 3 coats
a-england She Walks In Beauty 2 coats (index and middle fingers)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Oh, and just a little hint, if you don't already own this gorgeous a-england polish, you might have a chance to win it starting later this week, because on Sunday it's my blog's "birthday" and there will be little something for you guys! ;) So stay tuned!

*I got the polish used in this post from a goodie bag from our meeting, for more information see my disclosure policy.