My nails for the meeting

I'm just going to quickly post my nails for today's meeting before it starts, as I thought I might have quite a lot to post about after the meeting.. So here they are:

I did quite simple nails as I didn't have time to do anything too difficult. I used China Glaze Riveting for my index, middle and pinky nails and then did two accent nails for each hand (thumb and ring finger) by using Nubar Toga Purple as my base color and then usen China Glaze Riveting for the drag marbling.
I haven't done drag marbling for a while, but I really like how it looks and it's really easy way to get something extra for your manicure. So yeah, this is a really simple mani, but I like how it looks. 

Lumene 3in1 Nail Ridge Filler
China Glaze Riveting 3 coats (index, middle and pinky)
Nubar Toga Purple 2 coats (thumb and ring fingers), China Glaze Riveting for the drag marble