Meeting with fellow nail polish enthusiasts vol. 2 (part 3)

So, I already posted about the meeting itself and what was in all of the goodie bags, but you probably also want to see also what was in my own goodie bag? So now I'm gonna show you that and talk something more detailed about some of the products too.

So first of were these Mavala and Sally Hansen products sent by Berner. I'm very interested to try that Mavala Oil Seal Dryer, just because it sounds really weird and interesting at the same time! It somekind of quick drying oil that gives "instant touch-dry manicure while taking care of your cuticles". I've never heard a product like this, so I'm eager to try it and see how it works!

Also of course I was very excited to get those Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes. I've been wanting to buy couple of those for a while and now I got three, yay! I think they sent us all the most interesting colors too:



My favourite one is probably Lava and it was the one that I was going to buy too, but the other two are really gorgeous too!

I got Mavala Honolulu and Roma and they both are really pretty colors. I know some Finnish nail bloggers that don't really like Mavala's polishes and I have only had two before, so I don't really have an opinion of the brand yet. So I'm interested to try these and see how they are.

We all got Dermosil Smoothing Nail Foundation, Top Coat and Primo Cuticle Cream from DermoShop. I'm of course happy about all the polishes that we got, but it was great to have some of these essential products too, because these are the ones that you need almost every day. I haven't tried Dermosil base or top coats before, so this is good way to get familiar with these. However, I usually use only quick drying top coats, so I'm not sure how I will like the regular one, but I will certainly give it a try!

I've used the cuticle oil already yesterday and today, and so far I really like it! The scent is really mild and good and I like the fact that this isn't too greasy, so you can use it during day time without worrying about getting some oil or grease all over the place. I will keep testing this and I'll probably do a more detailed review later.

I got two of those same Lavera Basis Sensitiv hand creams from our fist meeting and I've already used one of these. I think it's really nice product as the tube is so small that it's handy to keep in your purse. However, this isn't moisturising enough for me alone, but for day time use it's fine. I have a revied of this hand cream coming up soon, so more about that later!
I've seen these Benecos polishes around, but I've never tried one, so I'm really interested in how this will be. This isn't probably my favourite color, but we'll see how it looks on nail. These were from Eco Beauty.

Norway Nails sent us some really nice polishes and I had some luck and ended up with three of those! The firs Pretty Serious polish I got in swap and then the second one and the Rainbow Honey one I got from my goodie bag. The Rainbow Honey polish is called Sweet Talk and it looked so delicious that I had to try it, so I have it on my nails right now (I will have the post about it tomorrow for you guys!).

The Pretty Serious polishes looked so cool that I had to take some close up pictures of them:
Gargoyle Ganache

Mummy Mush

Pretty Serious and Rainbow Honey are both new brands for me, so I'm glad to have these to try!
The loose glitters and the nail crystals are from BellaNails and the Wet n Wild Nail Care pen is from JTBeauty Outlet. The nail care pen is also something that I've never tried before, so I'll have to see how it works. The smells seems to be a bit weird for me, I'd even say it smells quite bad, but thankfully the smell doesn't stay on your nails or cuticles for long. I'll have a more detailed review of this too, after I've used it for a while.

So these all came from different sponsors: China Glaze Pink-ie Promise is from Mimax, Catherine Arley is from Beauty Cosmetic, Color Club Splitting Image is from CesarsShop, We Care Icon Magic Asteroid is from Sokos and Miss Selene 236 is from BBE. I had a bit of luck with these too, as I got the China Glaze polish that I didn't already have and the other ones look all really gorgeous too! The only one that I'm not that excited about is the Color Club crackle polish, just because I already have couple crackle polishes and I don't seem to use them that often. But I don't have a blue one yet, so maybe I will figure out some great combo with this one.

I have few of those Catherine Arley holographic polishes and I've really liked the brand, so I think I will like this one too!
Unfortunately, this seems to be missing the sticker where the number of the polish should be, so I can't tell you what it is. But it looks really gorgeous, right?!

I have a week spot for light browns/taupes with silver or golden shimmer, so I'm pretty sure I will love this one too! Miss Selene is a new brand for me also, so I'm happy to give it a try.
These four Bundle Monster plates (BM 218, BM 224, BM 301 and BM 316) and the water decals came from Adenina. There are some really nice images in these plates, but I'm not sure when I will have the confidence to try them, because every time I try to do some stamping I just end up with a lot of mess and nothing else... Oh well, at least I know how to use those water decals! :D
I've also never tried any of Mereneid products, so now I have great chance to try them! Like I said, there's always need for good base and top coats and that Cuticle Oil (the purple one) smells really good (it's Freesia-scented). Also, I'm a orange lover, so I will probably find use for the orange polish too!

The glitter polish looks really interesting too, it has a green tinted base, so I'll have to see how it work layered over different colors.

The Bos sent everyone of us all these products. There were some different color options, but I got the pretty pink make-up bag and the Maybelline Express Finish polish called Denim Dash. My boyfriend was so eager to try those toe nail scissors that they are already out of the package.. :D

Last but not least are the two bright and summery Essie polishes from L'Oreal Finland. These are called Lights and Action and they are from Essie's last summer collection called Poppy-Razzi. Essie is one of my favourite brands, so I will certainly use these!

So, is there anything you liked to see first?! :)


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    1. You're welcome, I'm glad to hear you liked this! :)

  2. Those Sally Hansen and Pretty Serious polishes are so awesome! I'm jealous, haha.
    I've been enjoying your posts about the meeting too :)

    1. They really are awesome! :) I'm glad to hear you liked these posts, they were quite a bit of work.. :D

  3. Olen niin kateellinen. Nuo Sally Hansenit on upeita, varsinkin tuo punertava. Essiet näyttää myös tosi raikkaan värisiltä ja tuo Mavalan pinkki on ihanan sävyinen. Omasta mielestäni Mavalalla on paljon nätin värisiä ja hyvälaatuisia lakkoja, mutta minun ei tule niitä paljon osteltua, koska en niin välitä pikkupulloista ja Mavalat ovat mun mittapuulla vähän tyyriitä kokoonsa nähden. Ja korkit juuttuu herkästi, joten varaudu.

    1. Toi Lava on myös mun suosikki ja Essiet ja toi Mavalan Honolulu on ihania kesävärejä! :) Kiva päästä testaamaan noita Mavalan lakkoja, kun niistä ei hirveesti kokemusta tosiaan oo.. Oon kuullu tosta korkkien juuttumisesta myös, pitää koittaa varoa. :)

  4. I really like your posts and I would like to come to one of your nail-painting lover meetings!! It might be a bit far away from Italy though.. :) well, if there are some products you don't like, send them over here please! ;) Thank you really for sharing all of this with us!!

    1. These meetings are really fun, maybe you could find some nail-painting lovers in Italy too to organize someting like this! :) I will keep you in mind, if I don't like something.. ;)