Meeting with fellow nail polish enthusiasts vol. 2 (part 2)

I know you all are very eager to know what was in those goodie bags we all received from yesterday's meeting, so here comes the post where you can see all the products! The meeting was held in my home, so I had the opportunity to take pictures of all the products before they went into everyone's goodie bags. Therefore, in this post, I'll show you all the products that the sponsors sent us and then I'll have another post later today where I'll show you what I got from my own goodie bag. I got some amazing products too from my goodie bag, but there were many great items that I didn't get, so that's why I wanted show them all to you. Remember, these weren't all for me, eventhough I kinda hoped they were...

Finnish webstore Adenina sent us all cute pink bags like this, which had four Bundle Monster stamping plates and one sheet of water decals in each of them. These came in day before yesterday and I was so busy, I didn't have time to take pictures of all the bags together, so this here is the one that I got.

Local arts & crafts store called Askarteluliike Kätevä Käsi gave us a gemstone wheel and four tubes of glitter. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of these.

BBE (importer of Miss Selene, Flormar, Golden Rose and more) sent us these 15 Miss Selene polishes.
Bulgarian webstore Beauty Cosmetic sent us 6 Catherine Arley polishes and 6 Seventeen polishes. I was kinda hoping to get one of those Seventeen polishes as I've never tried one before, but I had one Catherine Arley in my goodie bag (it is really gorgeous one though, so I'm not complaining!).

Finnish webstore BellaNails sent us all cans of loose glitter and some nail crystals and also brochures. For our Finnish readers BellaNails also gave a discount code, that you can see here.

The Finnish imported of Mavala and Sally Hansen, Berner, sent us all three Sally Hansen polishes, Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coats, Mavala Oil Seal Dryers and two Mavala nail polishes for each of us.

French webstore Chez Delaney sent us these six polishes: two Nfu Ohs, one Color Talk, one Color Club, one China Glaze Crackle and one Bell. I didn't get any of these either.

DermoShop sent us all one Smoothing nail foundation, one Top coat and one Primo cuticle cream.
Local eco cosmetic beauty salon and shop Eco Beauty sent us mini Lavera hand creams, three Benecos nail polishes and a pile of cream samples.

JTBeauty Outlet sent us some Sally Hansen nail care products, two Wet n Wild nail care pens and two different nail buffers.

L'Oreal Finland sent us all two Essie polishes.

Finnish webstore Love It! sent us these 5 polishes: two Deborah Lippmanns, one PopBeauty, one Barry M Effects and one MeMeMe. I didn't get any of these either, which was a bit disappointing as I was of course secretly hoping to get one of those Deborah Lippmann polishes...

Estonian nail salong Mereneid sent us all one cuticle oil, one base coat and one top coat. Also everyone got two nail polishes and two nail files. 

Finnish webstore Mimax sent us 15 China Glaze polishes and some pens.

Norwegian webstore Norway Nails sent us these six polishes: two Rainbow Honey polishes, two a-england polishes and two Pretty Serious polishes and also three discount codes for the store. I had a bit more luck with these as I got two in my goodie bag and then also swapped one to another product that I didn't have use for. All our sponsor have been so sweet and generous, but I have to give special thanks to this (new to me) webstore! The communication worked so well and the products came really quickly and they were even in this cute little package:
Adorable, right?! Of course they were fist in a cardboard box, but this was in it and then inside this they were all packed separately in bubble wrapping and ziplock bags. So because of this experience, I can really recommend this store!

Sokos gave each of us one We Care Icon nail polish.

The Bos sent us so much! Everyone got one Maybelline Express Finish nail polish, one pair of  Revlon toe nail scissors, one make-up bag, discount codes and one, that I really don't know what it is in English.. Footrasp maybe?! Well, the thing you use to get the dead skin of your feet... :)

We had also one sponsor more: CesarsShop. They sent us 12 Color Club polishes (regular color polishes, crackles, scented top coats), 6 Konad stamping plates and 6 Konad stamping polishes, but these were sent to another participant and so they arrived with her just before the meeting started, so I didn't have time to take a picture of these products.

So like I told you already before, we had some really generous and sweet sponsors and I was really amazed how much interest different companies showed towards our event! It was really amazing and now we all have some many great new products to try!

I'll have another post up really soon, where I'm going to show you what was in my own goodie bag and also talk something about the products that I found most interesting, so stay tuned!


  1. No need to say more, just wow! :)

  2. Sponsseista viis, mut mie haluun tulla ens kerralla teiän miittiin mukaan :)! Eiks miut voi melkein joensuulaiseksi vielä laskea, kun juuret on siellä? :))

    Ps. mielettömät bagit oot saanu kasattua! :)

    1. Hih, tottakai voit tulla, kunhan vaan mahtuu! :) Ei meillä niin tuijoteta kuka on mistäkin, enhän miäkään oo "oikeesti" täältä. :D Niin, ja olihan meillä tällä kertaa yks Lappeenrannan vahvistuskin jo. :)