Meeting with fellow nail polish enthusiasts vol. 2 (part 4)

Today I have the final post about our meeting for you guys. I already posted about the meeting itself (here) and what was in everyone's goodie bags (here) as well as what was in my own goodie bag (here). I also already posted this pic of all our manis (all but one):

But I thought that as everyone had put really some effort to their nails for the event, that I should show them to you in more detail as you can't really see them from this picture. I really liked how we all had used different colors and techniques, though light blue and other spring-y colors seemed to be the most popular ones. I also wanted to share some links to the posts that the other girls have done about the meeting. They all blog in Finnish though, but you can always use google translate and not everyone has a blog or has had time to post about the meeting (I will update more links to this post, when the girls have time to post about the meeting)
Also, not everyone had pictures of their mani to lend me, so I don't have them all to share to you, but here's the ones I have:

First off, as a recap, here's the manicure I did for the meeting. You can read more about it here

Then we have this shiny hand painted leopard print manicure by EliZaaa, who writes the blog called My dazzling nails. She used Yves Rocher's base coat, Wild & Mild Broadway, H&M Dust&Diamonds, black acrylic paint and silver rhinestones. You can check more pics and read more about this mani here.

EliZaaa has also blogged about the meeting here and the products from the meeting she found most interesting here.  

Next one is this cute and delicate manicure by Emmi, who's blog is called Pictures and Some Memories. She used two gorgeous polishes for this layering combo: Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy and Charlotte Blue Combo. I kinda wish I had both of these polishes! You can read more about this mani here.
Emmi has also blogged already about the event, check it out here

Next mani is this gorgeous accent nail mani by Heta. who unfortunately doesn't have a blog. She used Zoya Elisa and some white Wet n Wild creme for this manicure, and her base and top coats were Orly Bonder and Cesars Rapid Dry Top Coat. Btw, Elisa looks like a really awesome red, don't you think?

These gorgeous mermaid themed nails are Katjamaria's, who writes the blog (conveniently) called Katjamaria. She used some nude base color, Clor Club Blue Ming and some hexagon glitter for this manicure. I have that Blue Ming in my wishlist too, it's gorgeous! You can read more about this mani here.

This bling-y glitter mani is mabe by Mimosa, who writes the blog called TalkandBake. She used quite a few of polishes for this manicure: Rimmel Stronger, Flormar #819, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #107, Barry M Aqua Glitter, Models Own Bluebelle, Models Own Silver Fox, Saffron #69, Wet n Wild Top Coat and Mavala Minute Quick Finish. For more information, you can check the post about her nails here.

Mimosa has already written two posts about the meeting, you can find them here and here.

This sugar spun accent nail manicure is made by Misify, who writes the blog called Misify's. She used Rimmel Base Coat, Color Club Get a Clue and Rimmel Purple Reign for this mani. I have been wanting to try this sugar spun technique for a while and now I think I really should give it a try, as I really like how it looks! You can read more about this mani here.

Misify has also already posted part one about the event, here.

Finally, here's the caviar manicure by Niniane, who is the writer of the blog called Korkokengissä. She used Models Own Golden Green as the base color and then sprinkled a mix of different colors of micro pearls over the base color. I haven't still tried this caviar manicure thing, but I really should as it looks really fun! Niniane hasn't had time to post about her nails yet, but I will update the link here when she does.

She has done a quick sneak peak post about the meeting, here.

Like I said, we had a great variety of different colors and styles represented, and I really loved every single one of these manicures! Also all these manis gave me some great ideas to try in the future or new polishes to my wishlist, and I hope you all enjoyed this post too!


  1. Tää on kyllä mukava postaus; luin tän jo aiemminkin ja nyt tulin tänne Ninianen linkistä. Kivoja kynsiä kaikilla :)

    1. Ajattelin, että ois varmaan lukijoillekin mielenkiintoista kurkata vähän muidenkin miittaajien kynsiä, joten kiva kuulla että tykkäät! :)