Zoya Daul with golden water decals and rhinestones

Today I have a mani with my one of favourite polishes of all time for oyu guys. Or actually, this polish is a dupe of one of my favourite polishes, so that really makes this one my favourite too, at least colorwise, right?

So this is Zoya Daul (and it's of course dupe of Orly Oui, but I tell you more about that at the end of this post) with golden water decals (from Born Pretty Store) and purple rhinestones (from Ebay). I really love all the elements of Daul, the purple base color is perfect and the golden shimmer makes it look so pretty! I thought that the golden water decals would go perfectly with it and I think they did. I also wanted to add some rhinestones (I got the idea for this from the sample mani at BPS website) and I really have to say that I loved the end result!

I've bought these water decals myself, so these weren't sponsored by BPS or anything. They were ok quality, though I noticed that you have to be careful while applying top coat over them or you might have pieces coming of from the water decals. Other than that, they were very easy to use and I think they look really great! Btw, if you want to buy these or something else from Born Pretty Store, don't forget to use the code MBL91 for discount.
So overall these decals were easy to use, though you might not think so if you read the directions from the back of the decals:
Gotta love these directions! Especially the part that winter can be warm, though I'm not sure what this has to do with using water decals... :D

Of course I have pics of Zoya Daul by itself too! It is really gorgeous polish, so it deserves some pics, right? I used here three coats and this polish is quite sheer at first, but it builds up nicely so it's perfect with three (thin) coats. Qualitywise this was again good Zoya quality and I have no complaints. Did I already tell you how much I love that golden shimmer?! Oh yes, I think I did...

So like I said before, Daul and Orly's Oui are very similar, at least for me they are basically the same thing. I have a comparison for you here too:
Here left one is Zoya Daul and right one is Orly Oui. So yeah, they are very close, infact I couldn't see any difference between them. Like I've said before Orly's Oui was one of my favourite polishes of all time and I probably wouldn't have ever bought Zoya Daul myself as I knew that they are so close. I got Daul from our meeting with the fellow polish enthusiasts, so then I only had the problem of which one to keep. Eventhough this is my favourite polish, I didn't see any point of keeping two polishes that are basically the same. So finally I decided to keep the Zoya one, as I prefer slightly Zoya over Orly. So if you are thinking about getting this color, you just need to decide which brand you like more as these are colorwise the same and they don't really have any differences in quality or coverage either.