Zoya Annie

It's really late here already, but I just wanted to do a short post for you guys before I go to sleep.

So I have this nice and bright Zoya polish for you called Annie from Zoya's summer 2008 collection. Obviously I wanted to have this polish mainly because of the name, but the color is quite nice too. Sure this is not the most original polish out there, but it is still very pretty and the quality was nice too. I think this would be perfect color for summer nails, when my skin would be a bit tanned. I used three coats here, with base and top coat.

Nail Tek Foundation II
Zoya Annie 3 coats
Essie Good To Go


  1. Very pretty shade! I've had this one in my cart several times and just never end up getting it!

    1. It is really pretty, but it's definately one of those shades that you keep on passing, because there's always something that's more interesting...

  2. I have not seen this before, very pretty!