Velvet Easter Nails

Recently I found some pastel colored flocking powder from a local arts & crafts store, so I finally decided should try those velvet nails, that have been quite popural recently. The pastel colors seemed perfect for Easter, so here comes my Easter manicure:

I have to say that these velvet nails aren't really my cup of tea. I wouldn't have even done this mani if I knew I'd be going somewhere, but I was just staying home yesterday, so I had the perfect opportunity to try these out. They do look quite cute, but this just isn't for me. My application of the flocking powders wasn't too perfect either, but this was just to give this style a try. I also wasn't too happy with the fact that you have that powder everywhere after doing these nails, besides the powder got loose quite easily from the nails. Oh well, I think I'll be using these powder for something else than nails in the future.

First I of course painted the nails with similar colors than those flocking powders, so here's the pastel skittle look: 
Index: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape 3 coats
Middle: China Glaze Light As Air 3 coats
Ring: China Glaze For Audrey 2 coats
Pinky: Orly Lollipop 

I should have just kept this pastel(ish) skittle as I liked this look way better than the velvet nails look!

Anyhow, Happy Easter to everyone who's celebrating it! :)


  1. Ihanan pehmeän näköiset! :)

    1. Nimenomaan näköiset, eivät nimittäin (yllättäen) tuntuneet hirmu pehmeiltä.. :)

  2. lool Unlike you I really like the pastel powder look, I think it's a very good idea for Easter. Kisses :)


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm glad to hear you like it! :)

  4. I like those fuzzy nails! =) Cute. However, what happens when you wash your hands, or get into other liquids? Does it matt up or fall out after it got wet?

    1. Thank you Jamie! :) I didn't soak them in water or anything like that, but I did wash my hands regularly and I think these survived that quite nicely. Though of course some of it did fall out, but not just because of the water, I think they'd fall of even if you wouldn't wash your hands.