Shimmer Polish polishes and March Livbox

I have another haul-like post for oyu guys today, though this isn't really a traditional haul post as the polishes of this post were sent for me to review and I also wanted to show you the products of this months Livbox. But let's start with the amazing Shimmer Polish polishes, shall we.

These are all so gorgeous, right?! The amazing creator of Shimmer Polish polishes, Cindy, send me these ten polishes to try and swatch and I'm totally in love with all of these! Every single one is so beautiful and for a glitter lover like me these are really must-haves. I also love the fact that Cindy names the polishes after her friends and family.
They all look so amazing that I have hard time choosing which one to try first. Which one would you guys prefer to see first?

I also wanted to show you guys the products of this month's Livbox. I didn't post about last month's box as I was quite disappointed with it, but I thought this one had really some interesting products, so I should say something about these, though I know I'm already a bit late with this, but here it comes anyhow. 
So in my box there was Primavera's Ginger Lime Bodywash, Lavera's Liquid Eyeliner, Ziaja's Goat's Milk day cream, Burt's Bees' Hand Salve and Ma Provence's shampoo bar. I really liked the theme of this box and I love the idea of trying some natural products. I'm probably the most excited about the Hand Salve by Burt's Bees as I have already their cuticle cream and I've liked it a lot, so I can't wait to try this one too. Also I've thought about trying a bar shampoo for a while, but haven't yet bought one, so I'm gonna test this one for sure. That Goat's milk day cream sounds interesting too, though I'm not sure how it will work with my skin, but I'll definately try it. I'm a bit disappointed that I got Primavera's Body Wash instead of the Korres ones that some got, but this smells really fresh and quite nice actually, so I will of course use it. The only product that I'm not so happy about is that Lavera's liquid eyeliner, because I rarely use any eyeliners and I'm also really bad at using one. Well, maybe I can practice with this, because this seems to be a quite nice eyeliner and the brush is really thin too.

So overall, I was quite happy with this month's box and it was definately better than the one last month. Also, this was the last box of my three month order and I think I'm not gonna re-order this, at least not right away. I really like the idea and I've liked two out of three boxes, so I'm probably gonna order this at some point again, but not right now. Also I read that next month's box theme could have something to do with eyes, so it will probably have some eyeshadow and stuff, and I'm not so interested in having those, so I think I will at least skip the next months box and then think about maybe ordering again.