Perfect #S41

I have been loving all those great glitter polishes lately and today is no exception, because I have a gorgeous black and pink glitter to show you!

Remember those gorgeous and affordable holographic polishes that I posted while ago? (If not you can check out the post here). This glitter polish is from the same brand called Perfect and this is pretty neat, right?! I have here just one coat of the polish number S41* over Maybelline Colorama Worn In*. This is quite simple polish with two different sizes of black hexagonal glitter and little bit bigger hexagonal pink glitter, but at the same time this is really pretty!

Like I said in my previous haul post, I got this to try from and this is one of the new Perfect polishes that will be added to their shop soon. You can see all the Perfect glitters here in Beauty cosmetic Facebook. There seems to be some quite interesting glitter polishes coming I think. At least this one was really easy to work with and you get nice amount of the glitter on your nails with just one coat, so if the rest of these glitter polishes are the same quality, I will surely be interested in couple of those. Also those Perfect holographic polishes cost only 1.05€ ($1.59) so I figure that these glitters won't be too expensive either. These glitters also come in bigger bottles than those tiny holographic polishes. It probably says how much they contain on the side of the bottle, but it's impossible to read the black print of the labels because the polish is so black too, but I'd say the bottle looks pretty much the same size as a-england polishes and they contain 13ml (4 Fl.Oz) of polish each.

Edit: The prize of this polish will be 1.58€ and these will be added tomorrow to, so it's very affordable and I'd say it's easily worth that much of money! :)

Nail Tek Foundation II
Maybelline Colorama Worn In* 2 coats
Perfect S41* 1 coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 

 *The products in this post were sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Hummm... I'm going to make a purchase today... didn't know about these new glitters lol. This one is interisting :) I don't know who will win in my mind battle with jolly jewells vs perfect... :p Kisses


    1. All those Jolly Jewels are really great too, maybe you should try them both? :)

  2. love your blog! Also Love your name on your blog!!! <3 Glamo Nails