Nubar Absolute

Today I have one scattered holographic polish to show you guys. This one is Nubar Absolute and I have three coats here with base and top coat. I bought this polish from a blog sale while ago and there's been some really sunny days here lately (finally!), so what better way to celebrate the sunshine than wearing some great holographic polishes, right?!

I really liked the color of this polish, it's quite beautiful light blue holographic. However, this was a really sheer one. Like I said, I did three coats, but this would have needed at least one or two coats more as there was still visible nail line and even some bald spots. I don't generally mind if I have to use three coats of polish, I think that is infact quite reasonable, but if a polish like this needs more than three coats, I usually lose my interest. I think three should be enough. It was also quite late when I was painting my nails with this, so I didn't want use any more coats, because then it would have taken again longer for this to dry. It did dry quite quickly, but still, three coats should be enough with a scattered holo like this.

If the color would be more special or unique I could probably work with this and use more coats, but there are quite few beautiful light blue holographics out there.
The first three pics were taken in direct sunlight and this last one was taken in shade. As you can see, the color looks really nice in shade too, but I just can't get over the fact that this was so sheer.

Orly Bonder
Nubar Absolute 3 coats
Essie Good To Go


  1. Love it. Nubar has some great holos. I would love to see this compared to Milani's Cyberspace.

    1. Nubar really has some great polishes, I agree! :) Good idea, I happen to have Milani Cyberspace too, so I will surely try to do a comparison soon. :)