Maybelline Color Show Nail Stickers Zebra Night

I have another post for you guys today, this time something new for me: whole nail stickers. I haven't tried whole nail stickers before, so when I got these try from L'Oreal, I could wait to test them. 

The package has 18 stickers with few different sizes and you are supposed to choose the ones that fit your nails. I was a bit afraid these would be somehow very hard to use and get on nails without wrinkles, but these were after all quite easy to use. At first, I had to use a bit of time and patience to get it right, but after couple of nails it was quite easy to do when you get the hang of it. I used probably something like 15 minutes in total to get these stickers to my both hands, but next time it would probably go quicker as I now konw how to do it.

This design isn't probably one that I would have chosen myself, as I'm not the biggest fan of any animal print, but then again, I quite liked the end result. I deliberately used the sticker that had the pattern going to the other way on my ring finger to brake the look a little bit. This pattern would be easily achieved by stamping, but for people who don't have the equipment or, like me, aren't very succesful in stamping, then these are really nice way of getting a showy manicure. Also, Maybelline seems to have some really great looking patterns, so for some special event, I might use those. There were few stickers left after I did the whole mani, so I might use those for accent nails and such.
The only thing that bothered me (quite a bit actually) was that none of these stickers weren't really the right size for my nails. I know it's very hard to find these kind of stickers that would fit perfectly, because there are almost so many different shapes and sizes of nails that there are people, but this really bothered me:
It's probably something that most people could live with, but I hate to have that big of a gap. It kinda looked like maybe I have some weird shaped nails, as the sticker fits perfectly around the cuticle but the gap got bigger towards the tip of the nail. And there wasn't any wider stickers to choose from as I had to use the second biggest ones for my thumbs (as the biggest ones were way too big for my thumbs). If I had known this would be an issue with these, I could have probably used some nail polish under these stickers, eventhough the instructions tell you to apply these over clean nails. But again, this problem is probably something that "normal" people don't mind as the manicure looks very good if you don't examine it too carefully.

So as a summary, I might buy these for some special event, but for everyday use I would propably prefer regular nail polish. I have another set with different pattern left, but I might save those for some special event too and then try to apply them over polished nails, so I won't have the problem with the gap.

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