Lush Lacquer Purple Splash

I have quite many indie polishes in my untrieds right now because of the two orders that I've made earlier this year to Harlow & Co. and I have all those Shimmer polishes to try too. Also I have couple more KBShimmer polishes on their way to me and then of course several mainstream brand polishes in my untrieds too, so I'm having quite hard time choosing what to wear next, but I'm not definately complaining. Today I have the second Lush Lacquer polish to show you.

This one is Purple Splash and I have two coats here over one coat of Nubar Toga Purple. Purple Splash is has a purple jelly base with different sizes and shapes of white glitter and also tiny holographic glitter. The purple base itself is quite sheer, so I layered it over another purple to get it more opaque and to avoid using several coats of Purple Splash. This polish has me torn in two basically, because there are elements in the polish that I absolutely love, but then there are couple elements that I don't really like. I love the purple base and how it makes the polish look and the combination of purple and white, I also love the tiny holographic glitter combined with the small and medium sized white glitter. I even love those squared white glitters, but those overly big hexagons didn't really work for me and it was also quite hard to get them on nails. However, the one thing that ruins this polish for me is the bar glitter. I knew when I ordered this that this has bar glitter and I'm not always been the biggest fan of bar glitter, but somehow lately I've been liking some polishes that have had some bar glitter in them. So that's why I thought I might like this one, but for me there's just too much of those ugly bars in here.

If this didn't have that bar glitter in it, I would adore this so much and wouldn't even complain about those large hexagons, but like I said, with that much of bar glitter this just isn't working for me. Also as there are so large glitter pieces in this polish, they tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle, but that easy to solve by keeping the bottle upside down for a while.

Nail Tek Foundation II
Nubar Toga Purple 1 coat
Lush Lacquer Purple Splash 2 coats
Essie Good To Go