L'Oreal Confettis over Ciate Pepperminty

Today I have a glitter layering combo for you guys with a glitter polish that I knew I had to have at the very minute I saw it first time.

Of course I'm talking about the new and very popular L'Oreal polish called Confettis. At least here in Finland this seems to a very popular polish as this seems to be out of stock in almost every store. But it's no wonder it is so popular as it is a very gorgeous glitter polish and little bit different too from what the mainstream brands have been doing. Of course there has been several indie glitters like this for a while and that's probably where L'Oreal got the idea from, but this is still a bit different polish for a mainstream brand. I'm really glad that they made this though, as it is quite hard and/or expensive to get hands on indie polishes here in Finland, so this kind of fills the void in my stash of a black and white glitter polish. Of course I would prefer to get a polish like this from one of those awesome indie brands, but that's not always a possibility, so this is a good alternative.

This applied very nicely, I used only one coat of Confettis over Ciate Pepperminty. You can maybe see little bit of shimmer in these pics too and you can definately see it in the bottle, so besides having black and white glitter in it, this also has a lovely shimmer in it and I love that! I wanted to use something nice and bright under this and I chose Pepperminty as I hadn't worn it before.

Here's Pepperminty alone too:
There's probably no need to say that I love the color as I have being loving all the minty green/blues lately. This applied quite nicely and I did three thin coats here, though maybe you could get away with only two if you are careful. So this is a great mint green! However, I might have a little bit of problem with these kind of creme minty greens and blues, as it seems that they just keep filling my helmers. Like, look at this:
Maybe this doesn't look so bad? How about if I tell you that I've gotten all of these but one within the last year. Yeah. And at the same time I've been trying to make my stash more reasonable and get rid of polishes that I have dupes or very similar ones. So I certainly don't need this many polishes of basically different shades of the same color no matter how much I've been loving the color recently. Thank god, I've been also able to give up some of these, so I currently have only five of these and I think that's a good number! In the future I'll try to keep it that way too, though all the new polishes that are from the same color family somehow keep calling my name...

Oh, and if you are interested, from left to right these are: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, American Apparel Office, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Ciate Pepperminty, China Glaze For Audrey, American Apparel The Valley and OPI Thanks a Windmillion.