Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #111

I have another one of those Golden Rose Jolly Jewels to show you guys today, and this one might well be my favourite one!

So this one is number 111 and it has light blue jelly base with two different sizes and colors of glitter. Like I said, this is probably my favourite one, at least from the ones that I've already tried. It's probably because to me this is very unique and I have never seen anything quite like this. Also the base color is really pretty and the colors of the glitters work very well with it. So overall, this is very bright and fun polish! Eventhough it has a lot of glitter, it wasn't as hard to work with as the black and golden one (number 117), it was infact quite easy to apply. But beacuse of all the glitter, this is also quite a top coat eater, so you'll need more than one coat of top coat to get a smooth surface.

Nubar Foundation
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #111 3 coats
Essie Good To Go