Color Club Eternal Beauty

Today I have just a quick post for you guys with a gorgeous purple holographic polish!

So this is Color Club Eternal Beauty and what a beauty it is! If you like purple polishes and holo polishes you should really get this! Well, you should probably get this even if you don't like those two things so much, as this is soooo pretty! Also, this was as easy to use as all the previous (recent) Color Club holographic polishes that I've tried. So I have nothing else to say that this is amazing and you should really get this if you don't own it yet!
This of course shows the holographic effect in sunlight best, but it is also really pretty in shade too. The first two pics are in direct sunlight and the last one is taken in shade.

Orly Bonder
Color Club Eternal Beauty 2 coats
Essie Good To Go