China Glaze Light As Air with a-england She Walks In Beauty

I've already shown you one manicure with a-england She Walks In Beauty, but the polish is so pretty that I wanted to use it again. This time though I didn't want to use it on whole nail, so I did gradient tips with it over China Glaze Light As Air.

So I first started with base coat and three coats of Light As Air as my base color, then after it was dry, I dapped sponged some of She Walks In Beauty over each nail starting from the tip of the nail.
I really liked this look and I just can't get over the fact how beautiful She Walks In Beauty really is. I've already said it, but I will say it again: this is one of the most gorgeous polishes that I've seen in a while!

I also wanted to show you Light As Air by itself, as it is really nice light purple creme. It wasn't the easiest one to work with and it needed three coats to even out, but the drying time was quite quick and the color is really pretty.

Nail Tek Foundation II
China Glaze Light As Air 3 coats
a-england She Walks In Beauty for the gradient
Essie Good To Go


  1. Oh my this is extraordinarily pretty, I love what you have created here.

    Jac x0x

  2. I like how that pastel looks on you and the glittery tips are just perfection ♥.