BPS Nail Studs

I got another products from Born Pretty Store for a review and this time I chose a wheel of nail studs in 12 different shapes and a matte top coat. Today I have a mani to show you with those nail studs:

I wanted to try out several different studs so I did this mixed up mani with four different studs. I used Orly Miss Conduct as the base color and then I added also some black polish to some nails. Index and pinky are done with scotch tape technique and for the ring finger I did diagonal gradient. After the polishes were dry I added a coat of top coat and then placed the studs.

This mani isn't really my style and I didn't really like this. There are some nice elements, for example I really like the ring finger nail and also the pinky, but those stars are way too big for me. Infact, the picture at BPS website shows that the stars in the wheel are much tinier, but at least in my wheel they are really big. However, it was quite easy to bend them just a bit so that they fit the curvy nails a bit better. 

The studs come in a wheel like this. The wheel is a bit smaller than some rhinestone wheels that I've previously bought, but there is still quite many studs in this. BPS says there are approximately 300 pcs in this, so there's really enough for several and and even more manis. I just wish those stars were a bit smaller and that there could have been more black studs in this (there are only those small round ones that are black).

With this wheel you can nevertheless have the variety of different studs and this is perfect for trying out different shapes and shades, if you don't want to buy large amounts of one shape or shade.

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*The product in this post was sent for me to review, for more information see my disclosure policy.


  1. Ooh, miten päheet kynnet! Jokohan nyt ehtis käydä laittaa niittejä tilaukseen. Tuo hyrrä oiskin aika kiva juttu :).

    1. Kiitos! :) Ei kyllä ollu ihan omimmat mulle, mutta kyllähän nuo meni. :D
      Tuo hyrrä on ihan kätevä, kun siinä saa montaa erilaista kerralla. :)