Zoya Natty with Catrice Gold Leaf Top Coat

Hope you guys aren't bored with glitter yet, because I seem to have going trough a serious glitter phase right now and there seems to be glitter in almost every mani I do these days... And today I have another great glitter topper for you, but also a great creme polish too (because of course glitter toppers need nice base colors, right?).

So this is two coats of Zoya Natty with one coat Catrice Gold Leaf Top Coat on top. Despite the name the Gold Leaf Top Coat doesn't have gold in it like some other popular polishes do, it just has two different sizes of gold glitter in clear base. But don't get me wrong, it's still a real pretty one! The shade of the gold in this is quite cold and it almost looks silver in some angles, but that suits really well for me as I'm not the biggest fan of yellowish or warm cold, or at least those don't seem to go well with my skin tone. This was also easy to work with and you get a nice amount of the glitter on your nails with just one coat.
I thought the combination of the deep steel blue Natty and this Gold Leaf Top Coat was really great too!

Zoya Natty (two coats here) is one of the three Zoya polishes that I got from our meeting with other nail polish enthusiasts and surprisingly I really loved to wear this! I wouldn't normally buy a color like this, so I didn't really have anything like this in my stash before this one. But this really goes to show that I sould step out from my comfort zone more often. I keep saying that I don't like blue polishes, so I also don't usually buy them either, but somehow I liked this one so much. Infact I liked it so much that I was little hesitant of putting the glitter over it as it was so pretty on its own, but of course it looked really nice with the glitter too.


  1. Natty is a wonderful polish and I really liked it with the gold on top.

    1. Natty is really a great one and I'm glad you liked the combo too. :)

  2. love the color!