KBShimmer Bejeweled with American Apparel The Valley

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Guys, you know what?! It's my birthday today, yay! Well, I've gotten so old (:D) that I don't really celebrate my birthday that much, but of course I have something special planned today. And I certainly need a special manicure, right? My boyfriend got me two KBShimmer polishes for me as my birthday present, so of course I had to wear one of them and I chose Bejeweled as it is like a little festival in bottle.

I used American Apparel as my base color and then I just layered one coat with KBShimmer Bejeweled over it. I really like the look and it's so me with all the glitter! Though, if you look closely, you can probably see some bubbles, which was really a big bummer.. It is really because of the AA polish, it was really thick, so of course it bubbled.. But at least you can't really see the bubbles in real life because all the glitter and I don't really have time to do a new mani, so I will go with this one. Besides, I really like it! The colors work very well together I think and there's enough sparkle too for my birthday! :)

This is btw the first KBShimmer polish that I've ever used and I have to say that I really liked it. It was really easy to work with and you get a really good amount of the glitter on nail with just one coat. I do have couple more of KBShimmers already, so I can't wait to try them too!

I also took a pic with The Valley alone, though it isn't the best one as there are all those bubbles... Oh well.. At least the color is really nice. I think the polish need just some drops of thinner and it'll work fine after that.

Nail Tek Foundation II
American Apparel The Valley 2 coats
KBShimmer Bejeweled 1 coat
Essence Gel-Look Topcoat
Essie Good To Go


  1. Mistä muuten ostat noita American Apparelin lakkoja? Ihastuin niihin arvonnasta voittamiini AA:n lakkoihin ja haluaisin hankkia pari lisää, mutta missään muualla en niitä ole nähnyt kuin täällä sinun blogissasi.

    1. Ne on ostettu kaikki kerralla (siis lakat joita mulla on ja sit myös ne blogiarvonnan lakat) tuolta American Apparelin omasta nettikaupasta. Ja nimen omaan sieltä Euroopan nettikauppapuolelta, kun Jenkkilän omasta eivät ilmeisesti toimita lakkoja ulkomaille (tai ei ainakaan sillon toimittaneet).

  2. Happy birthday Annie, hope you have a great day! This combo does look great :).

    1. Thank you, I had a really nice day! :)) And I'm glad you liked this combo!

  3. nice color dear!