Coral Las Vegas Mirage over China Glaze For Audrey

Big surprise, I have another glitter polish for you guys today.. :D Well, maybe this is something that everyone of you haven't probably yet seen as I've seen these Coral polishes mainly in Finnish nail polish blogs. Anyhow, here is another layering mani with glitter:

This is Coral Las Vegas polish called Mirage over China Glaze For Audrey. I thought that Mirage was a bit Christmas looking polish as it has at least red, green and silver glitter in it, so I wanted to pair it with something that would take away some of that Christmassy feeling. I think Mirage and For Audrey worked quite nicely together, but somehow this glitter wasn't really my thing. Maybe it was the fact that it still made me think of Christmas, or maybe that I'm not so fond of glitter that is so tiny.. I don't know. I guess it was just pretty but to me it wasn't anything special, so I forwarded it already to a more loving home.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the brand, I think these Coral polishes are made by a company called Delia Cosmetics from Poland. Some of their polishes are sold here in Finland in local stores (Tokmanni).

China Glaze For Audrey 2 coats
Coral Las Vegas Mirage 1 coat
Essence Gel-look Top coat