a-england She Walks In Beauty over Essie Muchi Muchi

Today I have one of the most gorgeous polishes that I've encountered for a while for you guys.

This is of course a-england polish called She Walks In Beauty and what a beauty it is! Seriously, like it said, this is one of the most gorgeous polishes that I've seen in a while. It is really unique and still at the same time so beautiful. It is quite sheer one, so I think it's best layered over some other polish and I chose Essie Muchi Muchi under it. Muchi Muchi is a very neutral nude pink, so I thought it would suit perfectly under SWIB and it wouldn't change the color of SWIB either. And they looked really nice together and Muchi Muchi gave SWIB the room to shine..

This is also one of those polishes that are even better seen in real life, so I really hope a-england can get those delivery problems solved, so that everyone has a change to get this polish, because if this looks like anything you would like, you should really get this.

I also took a pic of Muchi Muchi on its own just to show you how it looks. This is three coats and it's somewhat perfect pinkish nude color. However, it was slightly difficult to work with and it needed three coat to even out the color.

Nubar Foundation
Essie Muchi Muchi 3 coats
a-england She Walks In Beauty 1 coat
Essie Good To Go


  1. so nice! love so much!



  2. It's so gorgeous!! I hope mine gets here soon, I can't wait to try it!

    1. It is! I hope you'll get yours very soon! :)

  3. Pink + gold = beauty!! SWIB is impressive though, it reminds me of a dress of some palace lady :)

    1. I love the combination fo pink and gold too! :) Now that you mentioned, it kind of has the vibe of some palace lady's dress. :)