Water Spotted Mani

Just while ago in a Facebook nail art group I stumbled upon a video by cutepolish about wated spotted nails (you can see the video here) and of course I immediately thought that I needed to try it myself. I never got my hands on OPI Black Spotted (for a reasonable prize) and after trying it out recently, I'm not even sure if I'd like to own it. Well, maybe if I got it for free... But I'm sure I'm not paying any of those ridicilous prizes that you see it being sold on ebay and such, so a cheap alternative for a similar look works really well for me. 

First I tried to do this with hand sanitizer (like used in the video), but mine wasn't really working as it just made one big hole to the polish. Also it seems that I don't own any black (or dark grey) polishes that would work nicely with water marbling in general, so I had to choose some other color to do this with. So, then I read from the same nail art group in Facebook, that some had succesfully tried it with hair spray and then also Sonne posted her nails that were done with hair spray, so with that and a polish that work nicely with water marbling I finally managed to do this.

So basically I did this the same way that was shown in the video, but I just replaced the hand sanitizer with a regular hair spray. Still, you really have to be careful with the distance where you spray and also the amount that you spray, and it took me couple of tries to get them all right. But after you master all those things this is really quite easy to do and I think it gives a really fun look to a manicure. I know it doesn't look the same that you get with the Black Spotted polish, but it's definately in the same alley and with this you can use any colors you like.

I used my existing mani (which was this mani with Essie Mint Candy Apple and OPI GoldenEye) as the base and then I did the wated spotted look with Barielle A Bouquet For Ava.

If you haven't seen the tutorial video, here's shortly what you need to do to achieve this look:
- First paint your nails with the desired base color (and base coat) regularly and wait it to dry.
- Then you drop polish to water like in water marbling. I used only two or three drops of polish to each nail. Also you should cover your cuticles with some tape like when doing water marbling, this will help the clean up afterwards.
- When you have the circle of polish in the water, you spray the hair spray (or hand sanitizer) to it and then the spots will appear.
- Then you just dip you nail to the polish to the section that looks best like when you're doing water marbling
- After that you should have the water spotted mani, just do the clean up and apply top coat.


  1. Oletettavasti siis pumppupullossa olevaa hiuslakkaa eikä painepullossa? En koskaan käytä hiuslakkaa joten olen vähän pihalla XD

    Todella nättiä jälkeä olet saanut aikaan! Voi kun itsekin saisin homman toimimaan :D -Papu-

    1. Eikun toi on ihan tollanen normi painepullo hiuslakka, etäisyydellä vaan oli aika paljon merkitystä, eli aika kaukaa piti suihkia ja mahollisimman pienellä paineella. Toinen juttu minkä huomasin vaikuttavan oli se, että kuinka monta tippaa kynsilakkaa käytti. Ite sain ainaki parempia aukkoja aikaan, kun olin käyttäny vähemmän lakkaa eli kaks tai kolme tippaa vaan.. Jos pistin neljä, niin sit se helposti halkes sellaseks isoks reijäks eikä tehny noita pieniä tai vaihtoehtosesti ei tullu ollenkaan reikiä..

      Toivottavasti onnistuis sullakin! :)

  2. Really like!



  3. Grrr, I tried this again and again and I just can't get it to work! Pretty please, can you tell me which hair spray you used - brand and everything? *puppy eyes* -Papu-

    1. Brand is Klippoteket and they have quite many hair sprays, but this was the orange bottle one "Hair Spray Maximum XX Strong". I'd say it is just like a regular hair spray, so I don't think the brand matters. I tried to explain to your previous comment some details I noticed too, that might help. :) Also, I think it's important to have a nail polish that works nicely, I tried with several blacks and greys and I couldn't get it to work and when I finally tried with this Barielle polish here that I have succesfully used for water marbling before, then I managed to achieve this outcome.

    2. Oh Yeah! This is really cool! I have been thinking of trying the same but never knew I could use hairspray so I will try that! Thanks!

  4. Tomorrow is the day that I am trying this awesome design! You did a great job :)