Meeting with fellow nail polish enthusiasts

So yesterday was a very exciting day, because we had a little get-together with fellow nail polish enthusiasts here in Eastern Finland. We had a great day filled with laughter, good food and of course a lot of talk about nail polish related things. We also had some pretty amazing sponsors that were really generous!

This is gonna be a massive post, so prepare yourselves, because here we go!

First we did a round of introductions and then we swapped or sold some polishes to each other, so basically everyone left with the same amount of polishes that they came with... 

Then we had some food... Yeah, with some I mean a lot and everything was also sooooo good, though I didn't manage to even try everything as there was so much food on the table. Well, at least no one left hungry! :D

So as I mentioned we had some really generous sponsors, so this is what the inside of our goodie bags looked like! 

Everyone got:
Apipila by Mimax stamping plates from MiMax
3 Zoya polishes from the Finnish importer NailCity (there were couple extra ones too and some lucky winners got those)
Lavera Wild Rose Eyegel, Body Spa and Basis Sensitiv handcremes, and some moisturizing samples from the Finnish importer NHS

Also Lush and CosMerya send us some products to raffle.

All the polishes from NailCity and CosMerya

All the stamping plates from MiMax

 And then here's what I got from the goodie bag and from the raffle

 From left to right: Natty, Daul and Frida
(yay, I finally got one of those Zoya Gloss collection jellys to try!)
All the Lavera products are from the goodie bag, except the one Basis Sensitive handcreme and Deep Steep moisture stick. Those two I won from the raffle. Can't wait to try all these too, I already opened the moisture stick and it smells soooo good! Also I haven't really tried any of Lavera products before, so now I have a great chance to test them.

Then I also of course bought or swapped some polishes, these are: OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, OPI Nothin' Mousie 'bout It, Models Own Grace Green, W7 Baby Pink, a-england Ascalon and OPI mini That's a Hot Orange. I guess I know what I'll be wearing as my Valentines Day manicure already, lol. :)

Of course we had to also take picture of our manis! I will show you mine later in a different post, but can you guess which one of these it is? I had to borrow this pic (and the next one) from Katjamaria as I managed to delete all my own pics of this manicure circle...

And lastly, here's the whole group! I really can't tell you how much fun we had and it was really great to get together with people who love nail polish as much as I do! And we have also made plans already for the next time, so I can't wait!

Thanks again girls and also all our great sponsors!


  1. Luinkin jo mimosan blogista teidän miitistä .Todella kivalta vaikutti ja mahtavia tuotteita saitte sponssina =)

  2. You obviously had lots of fun playing with all those goodies. Your sponsors were really generous, btw.

    1. Yeah, we really did. :) Oh my god, they really were so generous, I just couldn't believe it! :)

  3. Onpas teillä ollut (ruokaa ja) lystiä :). Ihan villisti aion veikata, et sun kynnet on oikeassa alareunassa, se käsi, jossa näkyy rannekello :). Osuiko? :D

    1. Ruokaa ja lystiä nimenomaan. :)) Ihan oikein meni! :D Vitsit! Mistä arvasit?! :D

    2. Hih, salapoliisityötä ;). No ei sentään, ihan veikkasin. On tullut katseltua sun kynsiä aika monesti ja veikkaamani käsi vain näytti tutuimmalta :).

    3. Hyvin arvattu joka tapauksessa! :D

  4. Voi että tuo Daul on kyllä niin herkullisen näköinen... Hyvä kun mainitsit nimen tässä, ehdin jo unohtaa, että himoitsin tuota lakkaa :)

    1. Se on kyllä herkku! Ja myös ihan täysin dupe Orlyn Oui:lle, joka mulla jo oli, harmi kyllä..

  5. Lovely!!!