ManGlaze Mayonnaise with OPI The Living Daylights

I have another glitter mani for you guys today, I hope you aren't totally bored of these yet.

I wanted to wear OPI The Living Daylights when I finally got it and I also wanted to try out my very first ManGlaze polish, so I decided to combine these two. So first I applied three coats of Mayonnaise and then topped it off with one coat of The Living Daylights. My Mayo was a little bit thick and therefore a bit hard to work with, but that just may be because I bought it from a blogsale and so it has been used before. Or maybe it's just the fact that it is a matte polish and therefore a bit thicker. Besides the thickness I quite liked it and it really is a good white when you need one.

As soon as I applied The Living Daylights it became one of my favourite glitters of this sort. I really love the colors in this as they are a bit muted and work so well together. I was pondering a bit if I should get this or not, but I'm so glad that I did, because it's so pretty!

Nubar Foundation
ManGlaze Mayonnaise 3 coats
OPI The Living Daylights 1 coat
China Glaze Fast Forward