Little Flormar Giveaway!

I have something fun for you guys, that I hope you will like: a little giveaway! This time there will be only one winner and that lucky one will win these three polishes:

From left to right Flormar polishes number 809, 802 and 817. (If you are wondering why they say KoneHelsinki on the bottle and the caps are different, it's because Flormar polishes are sold here in Finland also under the KoneHelsinki brand. These are still Flormar polishes, just with different caps.)

I have bought these polishes with my own money and the purpose of this giveaway is just to thank my readers. New readers are of course welcome too! Also this is kinda my birthday giveaway too as it will end on my birthday, February 16th.

You get one entry by participating to the giveaway, but you can also get extra entries too by advertising this giveaway, but this is totally voluntary. I also wanted to figure out a way to thank those readers that keep coming back to blog and keep commenting, so everyone who has left any comment here in my blog since the beginning of this year will get three extra entries for this giveaway. Any comments left after this giveaway has started doesn't count, as the purpose of this is to thank the people who have been commenting before, though of course all comments in the future will be greatly appreciated. You don't need to do anything to get these extra entries, I will check this myself and take care of it so that all who has commented and participated to this giveaway, will get those entries.

I also added question about your home country to the end of the form just because I'd like to know where my readers come from, but answering that doesn't give any extra entries or isn't in any way mandatory. Also there's a comment box at the end if youd like to say something, but again that's not mandatory or doesn't give any entries.
So here are the rules:
1. You must be a public follower via Google Friend Connect, new followers are of course welcome. Let me know your GFC name and your e-mail, so I can easily contact the winner. (1 entry)
2. If the winner doesn't answer to my email within 48 hours, I will draw another winner.
For extra entries:
You can post about this giveaway or put it in your giveaway page or sidebar or tweet or facebook about the giveaway. You can use the picture too. Please provide a link. (2 entries)

The giveaway is open internationally! To participate just fill the form below.

This giveaway will end on 16th February 2012 at 9PM (EEST).

Recent Hauls

I've already posted individually about some of the polishes of these hauls, so it's about time to do this haul post...

So first of is my haul, that I've already told you about. Here's what I ordered from left to right: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 110 and 117, Catrice Gold Leaf top coat and Rest In The Forest, Essence Nail Art Topper Mrs and Mr Glitter, Quick Dry top coat and Gel-look top coat. I already posted about GR Jolly Jewels number 110 and you can read the post here.
Also these Perfect holographic polishes came in the same order, from left to right H1, H3, H5, H6 and H7. I also already posted about these and you can read the post here. In that same post at the end I also have told my own experiences about the store, so if you're interested in that, take a look at that post.

Finally I also have done some more shopping in different places. I bought the OPI polish at the left from a local store on sale and that one is of course Steady As She Rose from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Then the two next ones, Essie Muchi Muchi and Konad Top coat I bought from a Facebook nail polish group. Zoya Annie is from Ebay and well, I had to have it because of the name of course! Then last but not least are two a-england polishes that I bought from their previous sale and they are Princess Sabra and She Walks In Beauty.

I think from all of these I'm probably most excited about a-england She Walks In Beauty, because it looks so gorgeous in bottle and I've seen so many great manicures already done with it!

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #110

I have just a quick post for you guys today with one pretty awesome polish!

So this is Golden Rose Jolly Jewels number 110 and well, isn't it great? I thought this was a really fun polish, kind of like China Glaze It's A Trap-eze, only of course with different colored glitter. I really liked the look of this, it's quite a funky polish imo. It wasn't the easiest one to work with though, due to the fact that there's a lot of glitter in it, but with little patience, it was workable.

Golden Rose has at least 17 of these Jolly Jewels polishes and I really need to have more! I have just this one and one other and there are many more that I would like to have. There's even one that seems to be close to It's A Trap-eze. I ordered mine from, but many were out of stock. I hope I can still find couple of these somewhere, they are so much fun!

Nail Tek Foundation II
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #110 3 coats
Essence gel-look topcoat
Essie Good To Go

Zoya Frida Glitter Sandwich

I was really excited about the three new Zoya polishes that I got from our meeting with the fellow nail polish enthusiasts. I really love all my Zoya polishes and the Finnish Zoya importer NailCity was very generous as they gave as all three Zoyas to go home with. So of course I had to try out my new pretties as soon as possible and I wanted to start with the one that I was most excited about: Zoya Frida. It is one of the three jelly polishes from Zoya's Gloss collection from last fall and I had really wanted to try them out. If I had my pick, I would have probably chosen the berry purple colored polish from this collection called Paloma as it's the color that I'm most comfortable with. But now that I have Frida, I wouldn't change it for anything else as I don't own anything like it and it is really gorgeous polish to use as a part of glitter sandwich manicures!

So I first started with two coats of Essence Blue Addicted and then I used two coats of Models Own Ibiza Mix. Finally I topped them of with two coats of Zoya Frida. I really liked this glitter sandwich as the look of it is kind of deep and dark but also glittery at the same time. And I really loved the color that Frida gave to this mani!

Lumene 3in1 Nail Ridge Filler
Models Own Ibiza Mix 2 coats
Zoya Frida 2 coats
Essie Good to Go

Water Spotted Mani

Just while ago in a Facebook nail art group I stumbled upon a video by cutepolish about wated spotted nails (you can see the video here) and of course I immediately thought that I needed to try it myself. I never got my hands on OPI Black Spotted (for a reasonable prize) and after trying it out recently, I'm not even sure if I'd like to own it. Well, maybe if I got it for free... But I'm sure I'm not paying any of those ridicilous prizes that you see it being sold on ebay and such, so a cheap alternative for a similar look works really well for me. 

First I tried to do this with hand sanitizer (like used in the video), but mine wasn't really working as it just made one big hole to the polish. Also it seems that I don't own any black (or dark grey) polishes that would work nicely with water marbling in general, so I had to choose some other color to do this with. So, then I read from the same nail art group in Facebook, that some had succesfully tried it with hair spray and then also Sonne posted her nails that were done with hair spray, so with that and a polish that work nicely with water marbling I finally managed to do this.

So basically I did this the same way that was shown in the video, but I just replaced the hand sanitizer with a regular hair spray. Still, you really have to be careful with the distance where you spray and also the amount that you spray, and it took me couple of tries to get them all right. But after you master all those things this is really quite easy to do and I think it gives a really fun look to a manicure. I know it doesn't look the same that you get with the Black Spotted polish, but it's definately in the same alley and with this you can use any colors you like.

I used my existing mani (which was this mani with Essie Mint Candy Apple and OPI GoldenEye) as the base and then I did the wated spotted look with Barielle A Bouquet For Ava.

If you haven't seen the tutorial video, here's shortly what you need to do to achieve this look:
- First paint your nails with the desired base color (and base coat) regularly and wait it to dry.
- Then you drop polish to water like in water marbling. I used only two or three drops of polish to each nail. Also you should cover your cuticles with some tape like when doing water marbling, this will help the clean up afterwards.
- When you have the circle of polish in the water, you spray the hair spray (or hand sanitizer) to it and then the spots will appear.
- Then you just dip you nail to the polish to the section that looks best like when you're doing water marbling
- After that you should have the water spotted mani, just do the clean up and apply top coat.

Perfect Holographic Polishes

Many big nail polish companies have launched or are launching collections with holographic polishes and it feels like there's lot to choose from right now. There's certainly also demand for this and I for one love great holographic polishes and if they are good enough or have some really interesting or innovating colors, I'm also willing to pay a little more than I pay for regular polishes. But not long ago, I noticed that had these Perfect Holographic nail polishes for sale (yeah, the brand is called Perfect..). And the thing is that they are only 1,05€ (1.59$) so I had to order some to try. The colors aren't the most innovative ones, but for that prize I didn't really hesitate.

There are total of 8 different colors and I got five of them, so this is gonna be a seriously long post and there's a lot of pictures too, because these pretties really deserve more than just one pic! So I have total of three pics of each of the five polishes, two first ones are always in direct sunlight and the last one is in shade.

This first one is H1 (yeah, they don't have names..) and it is a light purple or almost lilac holographic polish with a strong linear holo effect.

H1 in shade

This is H3, warm pink holographic with again nice linear holo effect, though maybe just a bit weaker than in H1.

 H3 in shade

This one is H5 and it's a pink holographic and it's infact quite close to the color of H1, but this one is more pink where H1 is more purple one. The linear holo effect is equally strong in both.

H5 in shade

 This is H6 and it's a nude holographic with really nice linear holo effect. This then is quite close with H3, but this one is more toned towards brown where H3 is more red.

H6 in shade

 And this last one is H7 and it's purple/blurple holographic and again with really great linear holo effect. This is the one that I'm probably most excited of these, because this can maybe slightly ease my never-ending desire to own OPI DS Glamour. I know it's not the same, but it's at least somewhat in the same category and that's probably the best that I'm ever gonna get..

H7 in shade

So looking at the pics it's probably no wonder if I say that I really loved these! They are infact quite nice quality, I used three coats of each one, but if you are careful you can maybe manage with only two. Also all these pics are with no base or top coat. The bottles are quite tiny (6,5 ml) but I thought the brushes were quite easy to work with. The formula was quite typical for holographic polishes, quite thin and it tends to leave some bald spots, but I thought it was still better than in some that I've tried. Also the fact that I didn't use any base coat might affect as if you use the right one, it'll make applying the polish easier. So for the prize these are really incredible! Also it seems looking at their inci list that these are even big 3 free, so really amazing! So the colors are probably not the most innovative ones, but if you are looking for some great linear holographics with nice quality and basic colors, look no more, because for the prize of these you really can't go wrong!

Also I want to say couple things about the webstore I have ordered there now three times and for me everything has been fine. I think it was with the first order that I waited quite long for my package to arrive here, but the last two ones have been shipped more quickly. Also my packages have always been packed nicely and there have been lots of plastic wrap and stuff, but I've heard that not everyone has had such nice experiences with this store. I think they have lately been more careful about packing the polishes, but I can't of course guarantee anything. However, like I said, my own experiences have been good.

OPI Berlin There Done That

Today I have just a simple but pretty glitter gradient for you guys.

So I used OPI Berlin There Done That as my base color and then did the gradient with two different glitter polishes, Color Club Sugarplum Fairy and Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter. I was first planning wearing Berlin There Done That just by itself, but somehow I still don't feel like home with only a creme polish, so I needed to add some bling and what better way to do that than adding some glitter, right? I really liked the outcome, very simple but pretty nevertheless.

Here's Berlin There Done that by itself:

Nail Tek Foundation II
OPI Berlin There Done That 2 coats
INM Out the Door

Deborah Lippmann Let's Go Crazy

I have had this post sitting in my drafts for quite a long time, because I just wasn't too happy with these pics or at least they don't show the polish as well as I would like. But I decided to post this now anyway, as I don't want to just delete the pics, so here it is.

This is Deborah Lippmann Let's Go Crazy over Nubar Toga Purple. I really liked this combo, but it looks way too black in my pics. Also they beauty of Let's Go Crazy doesn't really show.. I definately need to wear this again, maybe over some lighter purple and perhaps then I will manage to take more accurate pictures too. At least you can probably see here how the jelly purple base in Let's Go Crazy gives the polish really nice depth when you layer two coats or more of the polish. That's probably the main reason I liked it so much. Also I don't have anything quite like this so I will definately keep this and wear it many times. Usually though these Deborah Lippmann polishes are a bit too expensive for my liking and my student budget, but I bought this one on sale before Christmas. It was still quite expensive, but it was kind of an early Christmas present to myself...

Nail Tek Foundation II
Deborah Lippmann Let's Go Crazy 2 coats
INM Out the Door

Sunset Gradient

I needed some sun to my life as the weather hasn't been very bright here lately, so I have a really sunny manicure for you guys today!

I did this three color gradient using Golden Rose number 164 (yellow), China Glaze Riveting (orange) and Zoya Nidhi (red). I started with two coats of Golden Rose and then did the gradient with Riveting and lastly with Nidhi. I really liked the result and it was bright and sunny enough at least for me. What do you guys think? 

Lumene 3in1 Nail Ridge Filler
Golden Rose #164 2 coats
China Glaze Riveting and Zoya Nidhi for the gradient
INM Out the Door

Essie Mint Candy Apple with OPI GoldenEye

So I promised to show you my manicure that I did for the get-together yesterday, so here it is. Don't forget to read my previous post about the actual meeting though!

I was in a hurry, so I only have this one decent picture of my mani, sorry about that! Anyhow, I used Essie Mint Candy Apple as the base color and then did the gradient with OPI GoldenEye. I wanted to something quite simple for the meeting as I thought if I'd try something too hard, it would just go terrible wrong somehow and then I'd just get frustrated and it would be a disaster. Also I did have that much time to do a mani, so I kept it really simple. However, I thought it was still really nice and neat manicure and I really liked it. I just recently bought the Mint Candy Apple and I had to use it as soon as possible as I have wanted to have it for so long, and I have to say I'm so glad I own it finally! The color is just so pretty and for me it is just the right kind of minty color. Also the quality was really nice, I just loved it so much!

Lumene 3in1 Nail Ridge Filler
Essie Mint Candy Apple 2 coats
OPI GoldenEye (for the gradient)
Essie Good To Go

Meeting with fellow nail polish enthusiasts

So yesterday was a very exciting day, because we had a little get-together with fellow nail polish enthusiasts here in Eastern Finland. We had a great day filled with laughter, good food and of course a lot of talk about nail polish related things. We also had some pretty amazing sponsors that were really generous!

This is gonna be a massive post, so prepare yourselves, because here we go!

First we did a round of introductions and then we swapped or sold some polishes to each other, so basically everyone left with the same amount of polishes that they came with... 

Then we had some food... Yeah, with some I mean a lot and everything was also sooooo good, though I didn't manage to even try everything as there was so much food on the table. Well, at least no one left hungry! :D

So as I mentioned we had some really generous sponsors, so this is what the inside of our goodie bags looked like! 

Everyone got:
Apipila by Mimax stamping plates from MiMax
3 Zoya polishes from the Finnish importer NailCity (there were couple extra ones too and some lucky winners got those)
Lavera Wild Rose Eyegel, Body Spa and Basis Sensitiv handcremes, and some moisturizing samples from the Finnish importer NHS

Also Lush and CosMerya send us some products to raffle.

All the polishes from NailCity and CosMerya

All the stamping plates from MiMax

 And then here's what I got from the goodie bag and from the raffle

 From left to right: Natty, Daul and Frida
(yay, I finally got one of those Zoya Gloss collection jellys to try!)
All the Lavera products are from the goodie bag, except the one Basis Sensitive handcreme and Deep Steep moisture stick. Those two I won from the raffle. Can't wait to try all these too, I already opened the moisture stick and it smells soooo good! Also I haven't really tried any of Lavera products before, so now I have a great chance to test them.

Then I also of course bought or swapped some polishes, these are: OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, OPI Nothin' Mousie 'bout It, Models Own Grace Green, W7 Baby Pink, a-england Ascalon and OPI mini That's a Hot Orange. I guess I know what I'll be wearing as my Valentines Day manicure already, lol. :)

Of course we had to also take picture of our manis! I will show you mine later in a different post, but can you guess which one of these it is? I had to borrow this pic (and the next one) from Katjamaria as I managed to delete all my own pics of this manicure circle...

And lastly, here's the whole group! I really can't tell you how much fun we had and it was really great to get together with people who love nail polish as much as I do! And we have also made plans already for the next time, so I can't wait!

Thanks again girls and also all our great sponsors!

January Livbox and some recent hauls

At my latest giveaway I got some nice feedback and suggestions and quite few asked me to do posts about my shoppings and hauls. So today I will have some recent purchases for you, but first I want to show you something else. 

Finally we too here in Finland got our own alternative for the Glossybox concept, it is called Livbox and this started in November. I read some blogposts about November and December boxes and decided to give this a go and ordered Livbox to myself for three months. The three month order is 41,70€, so you pay 13,90€ for each individul box, which I think is quite reasonable considering the products it has had. I really like this concept too, where you don't know exactly what you are getting, but you know that the products will be good quality and you will get value for your money. It's like a little surprise present for your self once a month. This is only for people who live in Finland though, so I'm afraid my international readers can't order this one, but I thought you might still want to see it. So here's what the Livbox of January had inside:

I really love the fact that the box itself is also really pretty and they paid attention to the details too.

The products are: Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum (sample size 5ml), Rimmel Lasting Finnish by Kate lipstick (mine is number 02), Luis Widmer Eye Contour Cream (sampe size 7,5ml), IsaDora nail polish (mine is color number 733 Paradise Green) and Moroccanoil Treatment (sample size 10ml).

From these I'm probably most excited about the Moroccanoil Treatment as I have wanted to try it for quite long time. Also the Dermalogica serum and Luis Widmer eye cream are products that I'm glad to try out. And of course as I am a nail polish blogger, I'm always excited about nail polishes and I really like IsaDora nail polishes, but I don't usually buy them, because I think they cost quite much if you consider the size of the bottle (only 6ml). Paradise Green isn't maybe the best color for me, but I will try it out and maybe I will like it. The one product that I'm not too crazy about is the lipstick, because I rarely wear lipstick and this one is quite strong red color, so I may not have use for it, but I will probably find someone who will like this.. So all and all, I really liked the products in this box and I really can't wait for next months box, especially because I just read that Essie is the newest brand joining Livbox.

So that's that about the Livbox, are you still up for some recent hauls of mine? I've already showed two of this in my recent manicures, but here they are anyhow:

These five I got from a blogsale and from left to right they are: ManGlaze Mayonnaise, Glitter Gal Copper 3D Holo,Glitter Gal Red 3D Holo, a-england Princess Tears and Nubar Absolute.

The first two OPI polishes (Gargantuan Green and Thanks a Windmillion) I bought from Facebook nail polish group, the second two (Goldeneye and The Living Daylights) are from Ebay and Essie Mint Candy Apple and Good to Go top coat are from a local store (they had a sale 2 for the prize of one, yay!)

So do like these kind of haul posts and do you want to see more of these?