Orly Ingenue

Today I have just a quick post with a pretty Orly polish from their last year holiday collection.

I've shown you Orly Oui before from this same collection and now I have the sister polish for Oui, this one is of course Ingenue. I do love pink/purple polishes with this kind of gold shimmer as Oui and Zoya Faye are really favourites of mine. This one is really close to Zoya Faye, infact they look pretty much the same in bottle. I did look up some swatches before ordering this, and in some this looked a bit different from Faye, so I wanted to try it myself. I think I need to do a comparison of these too, but now I only wanted to wear this. And well, I loved it too, of course! :)

Lumene 3-in1 Nail Ridge Filler
Orly Oui
 INM Out the Door

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