My Favourite Nail Polishes of 2012

Last year I did posts of my favourite polishes and favourite manicures of 2011 and I decided to do the same thing again this year. I think it's really fun to look back and see what I really enjoyed and loved. I've been really busy this year and I haven't had as much time for my blog as I would have liked, so in result there hasn't been as many posts here in my blog as I would have liked. Lately I've been trying to catch up and I try to keep posting more regularly next year. So there isn't really that many posts to choose my favourites from, but I still managed to choose my 10 favourite polishes and 10 favourite manicures of this year. Today I have the top ten of polishes and tomorrow it's going to be the manicures. 

These aren't really in no particular order, because I just couldn't figure out what I would like the most and so on. I also included the links to my posts about the polishes if you want to take better look.

This is just so amazing that it just couldn't be one of my favourites. In fact, this is probably one of my all time favourite polishes. The color itself is soooo gorgeous and the quality is nothing but amazing as this is a one coater! I just love this so much!

As you all probably know I do like orange polishes quite much, so when I saw the first swatches of this one, I just knew I would love it. And I truly do! The color is so bright and juicy, so pretty!

This is one polish that hasn't been seen too much in other blogs. But I really think this deserves more attention, it's really a gorgeous purple! The combination of the base color and the shimmer is also quite unique to me and the quality was great too as you can almost get away with only one coat if you are careful.

What can I say about this, it's just so gorgeous! And this is one of those polishes that is even better seen in real life that in pics. In here I have two coats over black and I have to say this is the best multichrome glitter that I own, it's just pure awesomeness! I just wish the bottle of this was bigger.

I just love neutral polishes that have something extra like this one. You can wear this for any occasion and it's really pretty without being too safe or boring. 

Of course I had to include Fantasy Fire to my list, it's just so amazing. And for purple lover like me, it's really a must have polish. I'm sooo glad that it is more available nowadays, so more people can get it without paying the ridicilous prices on ebay.

I wasn't  really sure if I should put this on the list or not, but the fact is that I really enjoyed wearing this and this a really a great polish in every aspect. I do love glitter polishes and this is really great quite neutral one, but the amazing sparkle makes it to stand out. And I love the name of this polish too, it's so cute.

I really had to pick one of the Color Club's Halo Hues polishes to my list as the quality of these is really outstanding. And colorwise this was really my favourite one. The holographic effect is awesome and like I said, these have probably the best quality of all the linear holo polishes that I've tried.

Of course I had to choose this one too, I think this is a really awesome indie looking polish by a mainstream brand. It's really like a party on your nails.

I loooove OPI Extravagance and Miss Conduct is like a baby sister of that polish, so of course I love it! The color is so rich and it's holographic, so there's really no way that I wouldn't love this one.

What polishes would you pick as your favourite ones of this year?


  1. The first one and the holographic one are amazing! And I love that white China Glaze with glitter. I have similar one but from Golden Rose. Love it!

    1. Oh, Golden Rose has a similar glitter polish?! I've never seen that one, I definately need to check it out. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Useita ihania lakkoja ilmesty myös tänä vuonna. :))

  3. Saint George ja Moonbow iski näistä eniten kovaa <3. Jännä sinänsä, että vihreänsävyiset lakat ei oo tuntunu omimmilta, kuten ei myöskään kovin tummat. Ihania kaikki lakat, ihana blogi ja ihana sinä. Jatka samaan malliin :).

    1. Kiitos, ihana sinä myös! <3 Oikein hyvää uutta vuotta! :))

  4. Ihanuuksia! Miss Conduct ois varmaan munkin listallani, mutta kun en (vielä) omista sitä. Mun kymmenen suosikkia vuodelta 2012 on
    OPI I'm All Ears
    OPI The Color Of Minnie
    Essie Tour de Finance
    China Glaze Immortal
    China Glaze Red Satin
    China Glaze Kinetic Candy
    OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    Color Club Port-Folio
    OPI Don't Touch My Tutu
    China Glaze Wicked Style


    1. Mun pitää kyllä hommata joitaki lakkoja tosta sun listalta, kääk. :D OPI Don't Touch My Tutu on ainoo, joka multa löytyy ja se on kyllä ihana lakka! :)

  5. You have some nice picks! St. George is one of my favorites, too.