American Apparel Skittle Gradient

I recently got some American Apparel polishes and all those cremes looked so pretty together that I decided to combine several of them to one manicure and did a skittle gradient.

I used total of five American Apparel polishes for this (two for each nail) and then topped it all of with Color Club Starry Temptress Topcoat. The polishes that I used in order from thumb to pinky are Dance, Office, L'Esprit, The Valley, Dynasty (and Dance again). I really liked this look, it was quite fun and fairly easy to do. I used a reagular white polish as a base color and I noticed that the American Apparel polishes were a bit sheer, so I needed to sponge two or even three coats to get the colors show up better, but other than that they worked nicely and I do love the colors together.

Oh, and if you're wondering why my nail length is changing from long to short and long again, it's because I have these older manicures that I haven't shown you yet in my files, but sometimes I want to show you some newer ones too and in those I had to shorten my nails because I broke my ring finger nail.

*I received a gift card to American Apparel European webstore and used it to buy the polishes in this post. For more information, please view my disclosure policy.


  1. this is SO pretty! i love your gradient, it makes it looks as if the colors on one nail are reflecting onto the neighboring nail (: great job, annie!

  2. Vautsi, nää on ihanat! Älyttömän hyvin oot saanut värit liukumaan :). Millaisella sienellä töpötät?

    1. Kiitos! :) Yleensä käytän semmosia keittiösieniä, mut näihin käytin jotain autonpesusientä, mikä oli pyöriny kaapissa turhana ja käyttämättömänä jo pitkään. :D

  3. So beautiful! I really love all of my American Polishes!