Orly Mermaid Tale

Today I have an awesome green glitter to show you, take a look:

This is two coats of Orly Mermaid Tale over OPI Jade Is the New Black. I have to say that I had really mixed feelings about this polish. On the other hand it is quite awesome and I love it, but then again I'm not really big fan of green nail polish... So it was pretty much like in one minute I loved it and then in next I wasn't so sure. Either way, I think it truly is a awesome green glitter (if you're a green lover). It also has a quite good coverage, but you probably get the best result if you layer it over some other green polish as then you don't need to layer such a thick coat of this glitter. 

OPI Jade Is the New Black two coats
Orly Mermaid Tale 2 coats
Models Own 3 in 1 Base coat/ Top coat & Gloss

When I first got this I tried it over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu (because I had it on) and I took some pics to show you, so you can get the idea of how good (or not) the coverage is when it's not layered over some other green polish.

This is three coats of Mermaid Tale over Don't Touch My Tutu and as you can see, you can get quite good coverage without the green base color, but there's also still some bald spots. Also you have to be quite careful with this one, as the glitter tends to build up in some places.