Glitter Gal Silver 3D Holo

Today I have a awesome silver holo for you guys! Of course I'm talking about Glitter Gal Silver 3d Holo, that I used as my base color for the blue holographic gradient that I already showed you. I could have just added these pics to that post, but I thought this one really deserves her own post as it is sooooo pretty!

So yeah, you see what I'm saying? The holo effect in this is quite on-your-face type of thing and I love it! It is a bit sheer, this is infact three coats, but it is quite easy to work with and it dries quite quickly too, so the sheerness isn't really a problem. Infact it's quite great as it makes this one a perfect polish for layering too, so you can get the holo effect to different polishes by layering this over them.

Sometimes I just love to wear these type of crazy flashy holos, though I do also love the more subtle and scattered ones too.

And yeah, I know I've been lately posting only polishes that are holographic (at least in some way), but I've just been trying to wear as many of my holo pretties as I can, because fall is pretty much here already and that means that soon there's not gonna be enough sun to show all these pretty holo polishes at their best. But I promise that I'll have you something else in my next post! :))

Orly Bonder
Glitter Gal Silver 3D Holo three coats
China Glaze Fast Forward