Golden Rose Matte Velvet 101 - Blue & Silver saran wrap mani

I'm back from my vacation and I have another saran wrap mani for you guys, this time it's blue and silver. I apologize for the quality of these pics, they are really not as good as I hoped, but the weather has made it quite impossible to get good pics. Anyhow, here's the manicure:

So I used Golden Rose Matte Velvet number 101 (blue) and Royal Cosmetic Connections number 92 for this mani. Again, I really liked this effect, it is quite subtle, but you can still see that there's something more going on than just a regular one color manicure. And like I said before, this is really such an easy way to make your manicure more interesting, it takes only couple minutes to spice up your mani with this technique. So I really love the saran wrap mani technique and I think I'll be using it again and again, because I want to try some other color combinations too.

Orly Bonder
 Golden Rose Matte Velvet #101 (two coats)
Royal Cosmetic Connections #92 (one coat)
China Glaze Fast Forward

I also wanted to show you the polish that I used as the base for this mani:
So this is the Golden Rose Matte Velvet #101 and I have to say I really liked this polish. I bought this from sale (it was something like 1 euro) just to try and see if it would be something I would like and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It had quite nice quality, it needed two coats to be opaque and I really like this semi-matte finish that it has.

China Glaze Rare & Radiant

Of course I had to have one of the many Chanel Peridot dupes and I chose China Glaze Rare & Radiant:

I really like this color, it is sooo pretty, so no wonder everyone is making their own dupes of this. Somehow even those brushstrokes didn't bother me with this one. But there's probably nothing special about this compared to the other dupes out there, so if you don't already own one, you just have to figure out which brand you like the most and go with it, because basically every brand already has one of these.

Nail Tek Foundation II
China Glaze Rare & Radiant three coats
INM Out the Door

China Glaze Flirty Tankini Saran Wrap Manicure

For the whole summer I wanted to get some of those neon polishes from China Glaze's summer collection. Finally I gave in and added Flirty Tankini to my stash.

I decided to get only one polish from that collection, because I know that I don't usually like neons on myself. And this was the case with Flirty Tankini too. It looked really nice and bright on other peoples nails, but I just didn't feel like it suited me. And this happens every time I try to wear neons. I really like how they look in bottle and in other peoples pictures, but when I put them on, I just don't feel comfortable. I dob't really know why, because now looking at these pics the polish looks like it suits me nicely... Oh well, maybe I just have to realize that neons are not for me.

So as I said I didn't really feel like home with this polish, so I decided to spice it up with something, so that I could wear it longer and that I didn't have to remove it immediately. I've been wanting to try a saran wrap manicure for a long time, so I decided to give it a go:

I used Essence Fateful Desire as the top color and I got my inspiration from Nailed It tutorial. I really liked the look of these two polishes together, I'm just a bit bummed out that the look doesn't look as good in pics as it looked in real life. I have to say that I really liked this technique and I'm definately going to use it again. It's so easy way to make your manicure more interesting.

Orly Bonder
China Glaze Flirty Tankini two coats
Essence Fateful Desire one coat (for the saran wrap mani)
China Glaze Fast Forward

Misa Live Without Knowing

I'm quite excited, because tomorrow I'm going for a vacation to Istanbul with my mother. I really can't wait! Now I just wanted to show you quickly my vacation manicure and then I really should get going. But don't worry, I have scheduled some posts for you, so it won't be completely silent here during my vacation. And I promise to answer all your comments as soon as I get back.

I chose Misa Live Without Knowing from Wanderlust collection for fall 2012 for my vacation polish color, because I wanted something neutral but still pretty and elegant. I do have to say that I really love this color and the quality was really great too, this only needed two coats to be opaque. I noticed that my polish choices for vacation seem to be quite similar, because last time I wore Orly Nite Owl.

Orly Bonder
Misa Live Without Knowing
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Hits Phenomena Moonbow

Today I have one truly gorgeous polish for you and it isn't a holographic one.. it's an outstanding multichrome glitter!

I'm talking about Hits Phenomena Moonbow and what a beauty it is! This is two coats of Moonbow over black (Essence Berlin Story). Moonbow is an amazing multichrome glitter that shifts from purple to blue to turquoise to pink and probably to some other colors too that I didn't even notice. I just love this one so much! 

I do also have another Hits Phenomena polish called Afterglow, but I think I need to get the other two too, because this is just so amazing! And if anyone is wondering where to get these, I ordered mine from Ninja Polish. These are a bit expensive as the bottles are quite tiny (only 6ml) and they cost $7, but on the other hand they are also quite unique and sooooo pretty and awesome, so I was willing to bay a little extra.

Seche Base
Essence Berlin Story one coat
Hits Phenomena Moonbow two coats
Seche Vite

Glitter Gal Silver 3D Holo

Today I have a awesome silver holo for you guys! Of course I'm talking about Glitter Gal Silver 3d Holo, that I used as my base color for the blue holographic gradient that I already showed you. I could have just added these pics to that post, but I thought this one really deserves her own post as it is sooooo pretty!

So yeah, you see what I'm saying? The holo effect in this is quite on-your-face type of thing and I love it! It is a bit sheer, this is infact three coats, but it is quite easy to work with and it dries quite quickly too, so the sheerness isn't really a problem. Infact it's quite great as it makes this one a perfect polish for layering too, so you can get the holo effect to different polishes by layering this over them.

Sometimes I just love to wear these type of crazy flashy holos, though I do also love the more subtle and scattered ones too.

And yeah, I know I've been lately posting only polishes that are holographic (at least in some way), but I've just been trying to wear as many of my holo pretties as I can, because fall is pretty much here already and that means that soon there's not gonna be enough sun to show all these pretty holo polishes at their best. But I promise that I'll have you something else in my next post! :))

Orly Bonder
Glitter Gal Silver 3D Holo three coats
China Glaze Fast Forward

Blue Holo Gradient

I've been wanting to do a holo gradient for a while now and as it was sunny day yesterday, it was a perfect time to try one!

I chose to do a blue holo gradient mainly because I had these awesome blue and silver holographic polishes in my untried polishes box. First I used Glitter Gal Silver 3D Holo as my base color and then I did the gradient using UP Colors Azul Arco Iris and Hits No Olimpo Apollo. I should really do holo gradients like this more often because I really love this! At least I need to try this with some purple holos. Needles to say that I also need to try all three of these polishes alone too, they are all gorgeous!

Orly Bonder
Glitter Gal Silver 3D 3 coats
gradient: UP Colors Azul Arco Iris and Hits No Olimpo Apollo
INM Out the Door Fast Drying Top Coat