Color Club Foil Me Once & Candy Cane

Today I have two pretty pink polishes by Color Club for you.

This is Color Club Candy Cane (two coats) over Color Club Foil Me Once, no top coat. This is from Color Club's last holiday collection called Beyond the Mistletoe and I originally didn't pick this up, but I did like most of the other polishes I have from this collection (Gingerbread, Beyond the Mistletoe and Sugarplum Fairy), so I decided I should also get this one. And I'm glad I did, because this is really pretty too. And I don't have that many pink glitters, so this has a nice spot in my collection.

And here's the polish I used under Candy Cane, Foil Me Once:

This is also two coats without base or top coat. Foil Me Once is from Color Club's last fall collection called Foiled. I originally got only Cold Metal from this collection and it has become probably my favourite blue polish, so I decided I should also get more polishes from this collection too. I ordered Foil Me Once and Hot Like Lava, but the latter one wasn't really my color. Nevertheless, this is more like a polish for my liking. Cold Metal is opaque enough with only one coat, with this I used two, but the quality was still great and this dries really fast too.