China Glaze Prism

I have another polish from China Glaze Prismatic collection, this one is the purple one called Prism.

As I told you before the green one called Optical Illusion was my clear favourite from this collection, but I would say that this could be the second favourite. I thought this would be the clear first one as it is purple and I love purples, but somehow it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, this is still really pretty and infact the duochrome is a bit more visible with this too.

This is three coats without base or top coat. This dries a bit gritty, so you need to use two coats of top coat to get a smooth result. And you should really wait a bit between coats when you are applying this, because this can tend to pile up and leave bald spots. But that's nothing that you couldn't work with.

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