China Glaze Endurance with Color Club Candy Cane as accent nail

Today I have another mani with Color Club Candy Cane, this time it's an accent nail mani.

So this is China Glaze Endurance and Color Club Candy Cane. This mani is actually older one, I just hadn't shown it to you yet and I thought it would go well after my yesterday's post of Color Club Candy Cane. So eventhough the glitter is drom Color Club last holiday collection, I don't think this particularly screams holiday or christmas, so it can be worn anytime, even during the summer like I'm doing. I've shown China Glaze Endurance for you before and I wanted to do a mani with it to see if I still wanted to keep it in my stash. I do like it, but then again, I have way too many great pinks in my collection, so I decided that it was time for Endurance to have some other caring home instead of mine.

Seche Base
China Glaze Endurance three coats
Color Club Candy Cane two coats on the accent nail
China Glaze Fast Forward

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