Nubar Prize

It's almost the end of summer and I'm trying so hard to wear all the pretty holographic polishes, but I think I'm running out of time... Well, today I have yeat another beauty for you:

This one is Nubar Prize and as you can see it's has a really scattered holo effect. I bought this because I'm still missing a perfect red holographic and while this is really pretty, but somehow it wasn't just how I wanted it to be. Don't get me wrong, this is really gorgeous, it's even more gorgeous IRL than in pics, but it is a bit pinkish red, so not the true red that I was looking for. I do have to say that I really like these kind of scattered holos too, I think that all of the holographic polishes don't have to be those insanely linear ones (though of course I love them too!). I had a bit of hard time capturing the holoness of this, but it's there.

Do you guys like scattered holos like this or do you prefer the linear ones?

Orly Bonder
Nubar Prize 2 coats
China Glaze Fast Forward

China Glaze Desert Sun & Sation Track Starlet

Today I have a pretty layering mani for you guys!

I used China Glaze Desert Sun and Sation Track Starlet for this. I think these two went very well together and I even got compliments on this mani! Sation is a new brand for me and this is the first Sation polish that I've tried. When I saw the first swatches of Sation's Class of Sation collection, I knew I just had to have some of those awesome glitters. I recently made an order from Trans Design and when I noticed that they had these new Sation polishes I decided to fit two of these glitters to my order. But it was sooooo hard to decide which two to get. I finally ended up picking this Track Starlet and also Band Beauty and they both are really pretty, so I'm glad I have them!

There are quite many golden glitters out there that are kind of like this, but what makes Track Starlet special is the little red glitter among the golden ones. I think the red glitter gives this a nice extra something.

Like I said, I used China Glaze Desert Sun as my base color under the glitter and here it is by its own:
When I first saw this polish in China Glaze press release I tought I would never get it, but after a while I just decided I should give it a try and I'm glad I did, because I quite like it. And I certainly don't have anything quite like it my stash.

Nail Tek Foundation II
China Glaze Desert Sun 2 coats
Sation Track Starlet 1 coat
INM Out the Door Fast Drying Top Coat

a-england Saint George and Dragon

I wanted to wear a-england Saint George and Dragon again, so I did a mani with both of them.

This is two coats of Saint George on my index and middle finger nails and two coats of Dragon on my ring and pinky finger nails. I think these two suit quite well together and I thought this was an easy way to wear them both. I painted my right hand with the colors opposite way, Dragon on my index middle finger nails and so on.

Can you believe these two, they are so gorgeous! The holo effect isn't so strong in these as in some other polishes, but it's still there. I just love both of these!

Orly Bonder
a-england Saint George and Dragon two coats
Seche Vite

China Glaze Prism

I have another polish from China Glaze Prismatic collection, this one is the purple one called Prism.

As I told you before the green one called Optical Illusion was my clear favourite from this collection, but I would say that this could be the second favourite. I thought this would be the clear first one as it is purple and I love purples, but somehow it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, this is still really pretty and infact the duochrome is a bit more visible with this too.

This is three coats without base or top coat. This dries a bit gritty, so you need to use two coats of top coat to get a smooth result. And you should really wait a bit between coats when you are applying this, because this can tend to pile up and leave bald spots. But that's nothing that you couldn't work with.

Kicks Fab Jean

Today I have a great blue polish to show you, can you believe that?!

As you may already know, me and blue polishes don't usually go well together, but I have to say that I really liked this one. I think that was mainly because the shimmer and the fact that this kind of reminded me of the color of jeans. Also, this was fairly easy to work with, nice coverage with two coats. This is my first ever Kicks polish and I got this because it was on sale and it only costed something like 1 € (~ $1.23). 

Btw, if you don't know, Kicks is a Nordic beauty store and they've just recently (yeah, something like a year ago) started selling polishes under their own brand.

Kicks Fab Jean two coats, no base or top coat

Delicate Water Marble with a-england Iseult

I wanted to do some water marbling again, but this time I wanted to keep it quite delicate and sweet.

So I chose a-england Iseult as my base color and also used it for the water marble. The other two colors I used were China Glaze Frosty and China Glaze White Out. Frosty of course is quite sheer and it don't show much, but I chose it because I thought it might give this mani some nice sparkle in between the two other colors and I think it suited for that purpose perfectly. After the water marbling was done, I also added some dots with White Out.

I usually do water marbling with some quite bold and even dark colors, so this was a nice change. I really liked this mani, it wasn't so in your face type of thing, so quite delicate as I hoped it would be.

Seche Base
a-england Iseult two coats
water marbling: a-england Iseult, China Glaze Frosty, China Glaze White Out
China Glaze Fast Forward

Depend #313

Nowadays, the Swedish nail polish brand Depend quite often surprises me by making some really pretty nail polishes and today I have one example from their summer 2012 collection.

This is number 313 and I have to say that this is really awesome. The color is so pretty purple (or blurple?) and the green/turquoise shimmer makes it really gorgeous. Also, the quality was great as this is opaque with only two coats. I only wish that they would come up with names for these gorgeous polishes...

Two coats, no base or top coat

China Glaze Optical Illusion

Today I'm going to show you my favourite polish from China Glaze Prismatic collection: Optical Illusion.

I was a bit surprised that this ended up being my favourite one, I thought it would surely be the purple one, but no, I think this is really the pretties one. The duochrome effect isn't very strong on nail with this one, but it is still there. And really, the color is so pretty even without a strong duochrome effect. Like Scrangie said in her review, the color makes me think of mermaids. The other colors from this collection didn't really wow me, but I do love this one!

Seche Base
China Glaze Optical Illusion three coats
China Glaze Fast Forward

a-england Galahad - framed nails

Today I have a manicure with a lovely a-england polish, Galahad, for you. Like I told you before, I ordered two a-england polishes from their recent sale, and of course I had to try them immediately when they arrived.

So I decided to do a framed manicure with a-england Galahad and Milani Gold. I took my inspiration from this manicure by Ivana Think Pink. I really loved the look on her, so I wanted to try it myself too. I think this came out pretty good, though it was a bit pain to get the glitters aling properly.

Btw, I'm sorry that the pictures a a bit blurry, the weather hasn't been anywhere near perfect for photographing lately.

Here's Galahad by itself:
I really love the color and quality was really good two. This is two coats, though it could have been done with only one coat if you are careful. I've been wanting to have this polish for a long time, so I'm really glad now that I own it!

China Glaze Endurance with Color Club Candy Cane as accent nail

Today I have another mani with Color Club Candy Cane, this time it's an accent nail mani.

So this is China Glaze Endurance and Color Club Candy Cane. This mani is actually older one, I just hadn't shown it to you yet and I thought it would go well after my yesterday's post of Color Club Candy Cane. So eventhough the glitter is drom Color Club last holiday collection, I don't think this particularly screams holiday or christmas, so it can be worn anytime, even during the summer like I'm doing. I've shown China Glaze Endurance for you before and I wanted to do a mani with it to see if I still wanted to keep it in my stash. I do like it, but then again, I have way too many great pinks in my collection, so I decided that it was time for Endurance to have some other caring home instead of mine.

Seche Base
China Glaze Endurance three coats
Color Club Candy Cane two coats on the accent nail
China Glaze Fast Forward

Color Club Foil Me Once & Candy Cane

Today I have two pretty pink polishes by Color Club for you.

This is Color Club Candy Cane (two coats) over Color Club Foil Me Once, no top coat. This is from Color Club's last holiday collection called Beyond the Mistletoe and I originally didn't pick this up, but I did like most of the other polishes I have from this collection (Gingerbread, Beyond the Mistletoe and Sugarplum Fairy), so I decided I should also get this one. And I'm glad I did, because this is really pretty too. And I don't have that many pink glitters, so this has a nice spot in my collection.

And here's the polish I used under Candy Cane, Foil Me Once:

This is also two coats without base or top coat. Foil Me Once is from Color Club's last fall collection called Foiled. I originally got only Cold Metal from this collection and it has become probably my favourite blue polish, so I decided I should also get more polishes from this collection too. I ordered Foil Me Once and Hot Like Lava, but the latter one wasn't really my color. Nevertheless, this is more like a polish for my liking. Cold Metal is opaque enough with only one coat, with this I used two, but the quality was still great and this dries really fast too.

Pink Orange Red

I wanted to do something fun and bright, because after all it is still summer (eventhough the weather hasn't been very summery), so I did a tape mani with pink, red and orange.

This is probably one of those manis where the idea is better than the execution. This was infact a fun manicure, but as I was in a bit rush doing this, the lines aren't as neat as I would like them to be.

I started this mani with two coats of Essence Guilty Pleasures and after it was dry I taped my nails and added a coat of Essence Orange, It's Obvious. After the whole thing was dry again, I once again taped the other side of the nails and added a coat of Zoya Sooki and then finally I finished the mani with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I've shown Essence's Guilty Pleasures to you before, but here it is anyhow on it's own:
Seche Base
Essence Guilty Pleasures 2 coats
INM Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat