Claire's Excited/Bored

Today I have just a quick post for you with one of Claire's mood polishes.

I know that these color changing polishes are old news to many of you, but here in Finland these are not really available anywhere, so I was quite excited when I grabed this one from Konad-licious blog sale (quite a long time ago though). I really enjoyed wearing this and seeing all the color changes and I wish I had more pictures for you with all the different looks that you can have with this polish. The thing is that this this chipped really fast, so I only managed to take this one pic and I was planning on taking some others later, but then it was too late, because I had at least two major chips on two different nails. But I think these polishes are really an easy way to get a little bit different look than just a one color look, so if these were more easily available, I would probably get more.

Orly Bonder
Claire's Excited/Bored three coats
China Glaze Fast Forward

China Glaze No Way Jose

Today I have one of my long time lemmings to show you: China Glaze No Way Jose!

And what a pretty thing it is! I've wanted to have this polish for quite a while and when I finally saw it on ebay for a reasonable price, I had to grab it. And I'm really glad I did, because this is really gorgeous and I love it, espacially the shimmer in it. It's also really fun and bright, so it's quite suitable for summer though the weather hasn't really been so fun and bright here. Maybe it's going to be better, at least the sun is shining now.

Orly Bonder
China Glaze No Way Jose three coats
China Glaze Fast Forward

Not Very Summery Spam

Okay, so I have had these three pics of three different manis in my stockpile of pics for a long time and I've always felt that these weren't nice enough pictures to post and so I have posted something else. Now I really want to get rid of these, so here it is, a little spam with not very summery colors:

 Nail Tek Foundation II
Zoya Mikka two coats
Seche Vite

This is a quite nice color and the quality was also great as usual with Zoya, but somehow this was still a bit meh to me. It is quite hard and expensive to buy any Zoya polishes here, so I kinda expect them to be something special and this wasn't special enough for me. It is a pretty color but nothing more.

Nail Tek Foundation II
Zoya Mikka two coats
Flormar U34 two coats
Seche Vite

After wearing Mikka alone I tried to spice it up a bit with Flormar U34, but this didn't really work for me either. The color looked really good in the bottle but on nail it is too dark and it looked too black for me.

Misa BACKbone
China Glaze Instant Chemistry two coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

I did like the color of this China Glaze Instant Chemistry, because I thought there was nice contrast between the color that comes through when you use the magnet and the darker color. But the reason why I didn't post this before was the fact that I couldn't get the magnet to work like I wanted it to and the star shape wasn't really showing on each nail like it should be. I think that the China Glaze magnet is in fact quite weak, so that's probably the reason why I had hard time with it. Also, I really should practice more.

Sally Hansen DVD

This pretty thing is Sally Hansen DVD from their HD line. This is quite sheer by it self, but it buildable and it dried quite fast, so it wasn't a problem to use several coats. I really like the color and the duochrome effect shows really well in real life, though my camera wasn't to fond of picking up the purple shade. I got this one quite a while ago with lots of other great polishes from Konad-licious' blog sale and just haven't got around wearing it until now. I'm glad I did finally try it on, because it's really gorgeous. I think I need to try some layering combos with this one too.

Nail Tek Foundation II
Sally Hansen DVD four coats
China Glaze Fast Forward

a-england The Mythicals on sale!

I just stumbled upon the sale of a-england The Mythicals and of course I had to place an order immediately! They are only £5 each, so I had to go and snatch Galahad, because I have wanted to order it forever. Also Iseult made its way to my shopping cart, so now I have two new pretty ones on they way to me, yay! So if you're ever wanted any of the polishes from the Mythicals collection, now it's the time. 

I already have four polishes from The Mythicals collection: Avalon, Tristam, Merlin and Lady of the Lake. Here's swatches from three off them:




I have no pics of Lady of the Lake, because I haven't posted it yet eventhough I have worn it.

a-england is one of my favourite brands, I love the quality and the colors and also the names, so pretty much everything about them. I just wanted to let you guys know about the sale if you haven't yet noticed it, because these polishes are quite pricey, so with a sale like this at least I had to immediately take advantage of it.

OPI DS Extravagance

Eventhough the weather has been quite awful pretty much the whole summer so far and there hasn't been that many sunny days, I still have had the desire to wear many of those awsome holo polishes that I have in my stash. Today I have one of them for you, though I have shown this before in my blog, but it's just so pretty that it deserves a re-run.

Of course I'm talking about OPI DS Extravagance, one of my all time favourite polishes. It really is so beautiful and the quality is also awesome. This is definately in the top ten of my favourite polishes, because I just adore the color and also because I do love great holographic polish and of course because I also love purple polishes. The holoness in this isn't so strong and in-your-face like in some other holo polishes, but I think this is perfect just the way it is. And now I kinda want to wear this again...

Orly Bonder
OPI DS Extravagance 2 coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

Depend #135 with Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

Today I have a simple glitter gradient for you:

I used Depend number 135 as the base. It was a really easy to work with and I really liked the color. It is a jelly so there was a bit of VNL after three coats, so I decided to add some glitter to make the nail line disappear. And I do love some glittery tips so I enjoyed this mani very much.

Nail Tek Foundation II
Depend #135 3 coats
Wet n wild Kaleidoscope (gradient)
Seche Vite

Color Club Hot Like Lava

(First a note to my Finnish readers: jos ette ole vielä huomanneet, pistin pystyyn taas pienen blogikirppiksen, mukavasti ostajia on jo ollut, mutta edelleen löytyy myös myytävää. Eli käykää kurkkaamassa tästä.)

Ok, so that's that and let's move on to the polish, shall we. Today I have another pink mani for you.

I wanted to use Color Club's Hot Like Lava, because I hadn't tried it before. It was nice and really easy to work with, it was almost good to go with just one coat. The one thing that I didn't really like about this polish was unfortunately the color. I think it just didn't suit my skin tone at all. I tried to make some simple decorations with dotting tool and rhinestrones so that I might like the mani more, but I ended up removing this quite fast. So yeah, it really wasn't my color.

Nail Tek Foundation II
Color Club Hot Like Lava 2 coats
Seche Vite


(This post is in Finnish because it's about blog sale and I only ship to Finland)

Pistinpä taas pystyyn hieman blogikirppistä, kun lakkalaatikot tuntuvat olevan pullollaan lakkoja, joita en koskaan kerkeä käyttää... Ja toisaalta haluaisin myös kovasti ostaa uusia lakkoja, joten vanhempia pitää raivata pois tieltä. :) Eli kirppikseen pääset tuolta yläpalkista tai klikkaamalla tästä. Toivottavasti ostatte edes jotain, jotta saan tilaa uusille lakoille! :))

OPI DS Reserve

I have just a quick post with one pretty OPI DS polish for you today.

This OPI DS Reserve is for sure really pretty, but for me it's not special enough. I think there should be stronger holo effect or something, because after all it is a DS polish and comes with a higher price. So this was a slight disappointment, but still a very pretty polish.

 Orly Bonder
OPI DS Reserve 2 coats
China Glaze Fast Forward