The Girl on Fire

I know I'm quite late with this, but I also did a Hunger Games inspired manicure when I went to see the movie. As all you that have read the book know, Katniss had her nails painted with flames on them, so I wanted to something like that too. I also took inspiration from Chloe's Nails as she also used one flamy accent nail and I loved the look. I did do the flame to the other direction as I prefer painting my nails facing that way and I also wanted to have some color on my other nails than just black or grey or something like that. So here's my Hunger Games manicure:

For this manicure I used Orly Iron Butterfly on all my nails except my ring fingers. Then I sponged some China Glaze Riveting and Nfu Oh number 45 over the Iron Butterfly. For the accent nail I started with Essie Orange, It's Obvious, then I did the gradient using Zoya Sooki, CG Riveting and Nfu Oh #45 and then I used black nail art paint to paint the flames. I really liked this manicure, it was quite bad-ass I think, lol. It's not something that I'd wear every day, but for special occation this was fun. Though I have to say that I didn't particularly enjoy the movie, I think it could have been so much better...

Here are the polishes that I used for this mani:
Zoya Sooki; Essie Orange, It's Obvious; China Glaze Riveting; Nfu Of #45; Orly Iron Butterfly

Have you all seen the movie? Did you enjoy it? And have you done a mani inspired by Hunger Games? If so, I'd love to see it!


  1. I love your mani! Same here, I loved the movie because I loved the book, but the book was way better. It's always like that huh...:)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it seems that it is usually like that. :)

  2. Wow, that mani is gorgeous! Great job :)