China Glaze Liquid Crystal

You all have probably noticed that it's been quite quiet here in my blog lately. I'm really sorry about that, but my spring hasn't exactly been like I would have wanted it to. First my grandma died like I told you before. Then before Easter I had to say goodbye to my dog because she had bone cancer and there was nothing that could be done. She was over 15 and half years old, so I was for a while prepared that the end would probably come somewhere near future, but still it came so soon... And I've had her since I was 10 so it was quite devastating. And then, like this wasn't enough, when me and my boyfriend were driving back from our little Easter vacation we had an accident. Thank good nothing happened to anyone, but our car is pretty wrecked and there's been a lot of things to deal with because of the accident. And on top of this all I'm still  trying to keep up with my school because I'm trying to get my degree before the end of the year. Needles to say that I haven't exactly been able to do that... Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know why it's been so quiet here lately. I hope the next thing that happens will be something positive, because I'm not really sure how many bad news I can take. But don't worry, I'm fine, though it's been quite hard. 

I do have a polish to show you, so that the post isn't so downbeat. 

This is China Glaze Liquid Crystal and I have three coats here with base and top coat. This is unfortunately the only decent pic I have from this mani. I didn't manage the get my camera pic up the nice duochrome that this has even though I tried and took many pics. It's a pretty one, but I think I might like the other three ones better that I have from this collection, I just haven't had time to try out those yet.

I hope that this is the end of all the bad news and I can have more pleasant spring and also keep posting more, because I've been quite bummed out that I haven't had time for this blog. There's also a milestone ahead soon, because in a week it's going to be two years since I started this blog. Maybe I'll think of something fun for you guys to celebrate the day..?


  1. Sorry you are having such a bad time :( Sure I doubt anyone minds you wanting to take a break with all this stuff going on. Hopefully things will pick up for you soon!
    Good luck with your degree! I know how hard they are but I'm sure you can do it after overcoming all of this in such a short space of time :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot! :)

  2. I am very sad for you :(
    Good luck

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the rough time you've gone through.