Zoya Julianne & Mimi

I've had Zoya Julianne and Mimi in my untried box for quite a while, but now I finally decided to try them. They look quite the same in the bottles so I decided to use them both to see which one I might prefer.

I have Mimi on my ring finger and Julianne on others. As you can see, they are not definately dupes or anything like that, but they are quite close colorwise, eventhough Julianne has a darker base color. They lean a bit too much to the blue side here in pics, because as you probably know, many cameras have hard time capturing some purple shades. I really like both of these, but I think I don't need to have them both, because I also have Color Club Alias and Kiko 278 which are both also pretty much the same style. Now I just have figure out which ones I'd be willing to give up... And that's not an easy task, as they all are so pretty!


  1. Both of these are super pretty! I actually have Orly Out Of This World which is a dupe to Julianne, but I still want Mimi. It's a beautiful color.

    1. They are! I almost once bought Out of This World too, they all just look so pretty in bottles. :)