My Top 10 Polishes

This Top 10 tag has been going around at Finnish nail blogs for awhile and I also got challenged by the wonderful Sannu at SanNails. I think this is a fun challenge and I will gladly accept it, thanks! I've done my favourite nails polishes posts around new year, but I thought that this was a nice way to try and list the ultimate favourites. Well, at least what they are now, because I think if I'd do this challenge another day or say like in summer, the list would be completely different, so this is a list of my current favourites. I have to say that it was quite hard to choose only ten and I did kind of fail to do this task, because I couldn't decide between two polishes, so I had to include eleven. Anywho, here they are in no particular order:

And then the two polishes from which I couldn't decide which one to include:

So did my list have any of your favourites in it? Or which polishes would you include in your list? Oh and I'm tagging everyone who want to do this challenge, just let me know if you do it!


  1. China Glaze BFF and Zoya Faye the BEST!

  2. I love looking at what are bloggers current top 10 favs - which more posted them. I have a few of these and a dupe for one - the Jessie's Girl - I have Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net. OPI Grape Set Match blew me away last yr when it came out and I rushed to get a dup bottle. It's like none other purple I have. I like the entire collection (Sunshine from summer 11 - Zoya) that Faye is from. Hands down I am still goofy for Kimmy in that collection which is a orange/red and the same gold foil that the whole Sunshine collection has. You have made me feel I need to go looking for CG Papaya Punch - loving it and did not pick it up when that collection was out.

    1. Grape Set Match is really a unique one! I think I need more polishes from the Sunshine collection, I don't have Kimmy and I really need that one! :) And Papaya Punch is really amazing.

  3. Great nail polishes, all of them! Papaya Punch would definitely be on mine too :)

  4. a-england Saint George and Color Club Sugarplum Fairy are soooo pretty!