Essie Orange, It's Obvious & Nfu Oh #45

As soon as I saw the first pictures of Essie's Orange, It's Obvious I knew I had to have it. It looked so juicy and I've been going crazy over orange polish lately. I also have OPI A Roll in the Hague and just today I ordered China Glaze Riveting, so yeah, I think I'm not getting any more orange polishes for now... Anywho, here's Orange, It's Obvious:

This is three coats with base and top coat. This was quite easy to work with, though the first coat was quite streaky. I needed three coats to make it look perfect, but it probably could be done with only two coats if you are careful and use generous amount of the polish. The color is really bright and fun, not neon or anything like that, but very bright nevertheless. I really love it!

After wearing this by itself for a day I wanted to spice the manicure up just a bit, so I sponged some Nfu Oh number 45 on the tips. It was quite hard to get decent picture of Orange, It's Obvious and it was even harder with the Nfu Oh on top. I took like zillion pics and none looked the way I wanted, but here's few anyway:

So, do you like orange on your nails?


  1. I love orange! Bright orange polish is just another reason to love summer!

  2. If you liked this combo, you will love Riveting. It's the most gorgeous orange I've ever seen and with a matte top coat it's to die for.

  3. Love orange. One of my favorite colors. I'm super happy that it's a big color this spring. I love the NFU sponge on it.

    1. Orange is one of my favourites too. :) Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  4. love it